Why Diamond Brooches Are a Valuable Addition

Why Diamond Brooches Are a Valuable Addition

Diamond brooches are not just beautiful treasures– they are one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery you could hope to own and make great investments. If you’re considering getting on, here’s everything you need to know.

The Reason Behind Wearing a Brooch?

Some say adding a brooch to your outfit is a great way of adding a bit of your personality and personal style to a look. Brooches come with a variety of gemstones and in a variety of forms, from minimalist bar brooches to pin brooches with figures and objects on the top of them. For example, a brooch might be a great way of showcasing a favourite hobby such as this ballerina brooch or a favourite sport such as this jockey and horse.

Valuable diamond brooches
Diamond Brooches

Whilst a brooch is glamourous addition to an outfit, it can also be for practical use. Historically brooches were used from the bronze age to fasten garments such as cloaks and tunics. Whilst brooches of more recent times might not be so robust, they are still capable of securing garments such as scarves, hats or turbans.

Ways To Wear a Diamond Brooch?

Traditionally, brooches are worn fastened to a label of a blazer or coat. This is a simple yet effective way of adding a touch of sophistication to an outfit without feeling overdressed.

Wear a Diamond Brooch
Ways To Wear a Diamond Brooch
Ways To Wear a Valuable Diamond Brooch

Some diamond brooches are designed to be easily transformed from a brooch into a necklace, through concealed bales. This stunning Victorian pearl pendant has a removable hinged pin, making the rare antique wearable in a number of ways.

Of course, do not feel limited to these suggestions. The beauty of the brooch is that it can be worn with just about anything you think you could pin it to – be it scarfs, coats, belts or even on bags or fabric purses. For more ideas check out our blog on how to wear a brooch.

Are Diamond Brooches A Good Investment?

Diamond Bow Brooch

Diamonds are timeless gemstones. As one of the hardest gemstones in the world, their quality and durability make them sound long term investments. If you’re looking for a good investment, pay attention to the colour and clarity grade of the diamonds used. Diamond colour grades range from D-Z, with the colour becoming more yellow or duller the further down the alphabet. A higher colour and clarity graded diamond might cost more, but will be a sound investment for the future.

Diamonds don’t fluctuate in price as much as other commodities; a benefit of not being impacted by inflation or the economy. Historically, diamonds have always increased in value over time so you can rest assured that your diamond brooch is a true investment.

Of course, you can to take into consideration the high diamond content of a brooch. Whilst a solitaire might be a single diamond, brooches tend to be embellished with a multitude of sparkling diamonds and stand as extremely good value in terms of total carat weight. Brooches can also be repurposed later down the line, and converted into rings, earrings or even necklaces. The royal family has repurposed jewellery in this way for years, with Prince Philip famously using diamonds from his mother’s tiara to make an engagement ring for Queen Elizabeth. A diamond brooch can be passed down through generations and eventually repurposed if the family wishes, as a sentimental tribute to the wearers before.

Are They A Stylish Item Of Jewellery?

As brooches can be worn in many different ways, they are able to restyled in the most up to date fashions. In recent years, it seems the brooch has been reconsidered as the must-have accessory. The humble brooch flooded A/W 2023 runway collections, seen as core accessories in shows by Gucci, Jil Sander and many more. Brooches have certainly surpassed predictable accessories such as necklaces, with celebrities and stylists starting to favour of bold accessories that need minimal styling. A diamond brooch is a true jewellery staple – at AC Silver we offer a broad range of antique and vintage brooches to choose from so we hope you find the right one for you!

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