British Royal Engagement Rings Through The Years

In British culture, there is nothing quite like a royal romance to get everyone excited. A royal engagement is particularly captivating of the people’s hearts and attention, unfolding a national celebration. Whether you’ve been catching up with the royals on The Crown or looking for engagement ring inspiration yourself we’ve got you covered.

A royal engagement is not only an extremely intimate affair but also a moment etched in history that echoes through time (and the media). The evolution of royal engagement rings holds not only captivating tales but also exquisite designs that have graced the fingers of iconic figures within the British monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth II

We will start with the late Queen Elizabeth II. Her engagement ring is particularly special as the Duke of Edinburgh used diamonds from his own mother’s tiara to design the beautiful platinum ring. Prince Alice of Battenberg’s tiara was additionally used to create a machining bracelet, which was worn for numerous events and portraits by the Queen.

This sentimental engagement ring is ornamented with a feature 3 carat round solitaire, with the shoulders each further embellished with 5 smaller diamonds, tapering into a slender shank. This is a beautiful take on a traditional solitaire engagement ring and certainly stands out. If you’re looking for a similar style something like these 1930s engagement rings would be a great choice as they all have detailed shoulders to compliment the central solitaire.

Queen Elizabeth II Inspired Engagement Rings
Antique Diamond Engagement Rings
Antique Diamond Engagement Rings similar to Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Mother

The Queen Mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons was initially proposed to with a stunning and rare Kashmir sapphire engagement ring. Kashmir sapphires, mined from a remote location high in the Himalayas, are renowned for their velvety blue colour and exceptional clarity, attributing to their rarity. The Kashmir mine location is also referred to as ‘the region beyond the snow’, which gives it a mysterious yet magical air about it.

A sapphire and diamond engagement ring is considered a classic choice by the taste of the royals, yet very few photographs of the Queen Mother wearing the stunning piece exist as she rarely wore it. Queen Mother later opted to switch it out for an unusual pearl ring surrounded by a halo of diamonds, which she hinted was ‘more her’.

Pearl British Royal Engagement Rings

Pearl jewellery is a popular choice amongst brides, especially in the modern day. Ancient Greeks once believed that pearls worn by the bride would ensure marital bliss and are often considered a romantic jewellery choice dure to their delicate purity.

Princess Margaret

Antony Armstrong-Jones, who later became the Earl of Snowdon, made a beautifully romantic gesture when designing Princess Margaret’s engagement ring. The ruby and diamond cluster ring was chosen to resemble the bud of a rose, which was Margaret’s middle name. Rubies make wonderful engagement rings as they are thought to symbolise love and passion. We love these ruby and diamond floral style cluster rings if you’re looking for something similar to Princess Margaret!

Ruby British Royal Engagement Rings
Ruby Royal Engagement Rings
Princess Margaret Style Ruby Engagement Ring

Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring

Arguably one of the most famous engagement rings in the world, Princess Diana’s sapphire cluster engagement ring is still the inspiration of many brides to this day. This iconic ring features a stunning 12-carat Ceylon blue sapphire surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds, set in 18 carat white gold. The engagement ring was created by then-crown jeweller Garrard & Co and has been thoughtfully passed down to the new Princess of Wales; Kate Middleton.  Princess Diana’s first son Prince William proposed to Kate using his mother’s ring in 2010, stating in an interview that he felt it would be their way of keeping Diana close to them. Learn more on this iconic ring!

Megan Markle

Breaking conventions with grace, former Suits actress Meghan Markle was given a dazzling engagement ring from Prince Harry which featured a trilogy of diamonds, supposedly symbolising the couple’s ‘past, present, and future’. This three-stone engagement ring choice includes two diamonds from Princess Diana’s personal collection and is the perfect blend of tradition with a modern touch.

Royal Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring

Queen Camilla

The Queen Consort’s engagement ring one belonged to the Queen Mother, who is rumoured to have received it after giving birth to Queen Elizabeth. King Charles gave his wife this stunning ring the day before their wedding day after being passed down through the family. It is understood that King Charles was incredibly close to his grandmother, making the ring even more sentimental to the couple.

The Art Deco ring is ornamented with a 5 carat emerald-cut diamond embellished with graduating baguette cut diamonds either side that create a stepped design. This magnificent art deco ring is remarkably similar to the royal family heirloom, with a central emerald cut diamond at it’s centre ornamented with two baguette cut diamonds on either side, totalling 4.02 carats.

Art Deco Engagement Ring
Diamond Engagement Ring simialr to Queen Camilla

What is your favourite royal engagement ring? Browse our range of antique and vintage engagement rings online at AC Silver to further your inspiration!

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