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Jewellery Rings

Can Gemstones Help You Sleep?

A good night’s sleep is at the core of a successful day. Getting enough sleep, and certainly enough restful sleep, can prove to be a challenge sometimes; this is where gemstones come into the picture. Can gemstones help you sleep? For all the late-night readers and other sleep-challenged members of our community, let’s get an …

Jewellery Rings

1920s Engagement Rings

Engagement rings have evolved and seen a lot of changes throughout human history; starting as something more closely resembling a sign of ownership and becoming the ultimate romantic gesture. When the question of what did engagement rings look like in the early 1900s arises, it’s easy enough to answer thanks to the quality of craftsmanship that …


The Most Valuable Antique Teapots in the World

Tea is essentially a sacred practice in Britain, and so it’s no surprise that we have a fascination with all things tea. Today then, we’ll be taking a look at the five most valuable teapots in the world. 1. The Egoist A teapot with a name is something to be taken seriously. The Egoist teapot was commissioned …

Emerald Diamond Target Ring
AC Silver Jewellery Occasional Rings

Target Rings

What is a Target Ring? Target rings are gemstone rings featuring concentric circles of stones in different colours. Getting their start in the Edwardian era – an excellent time for advancements in jewellery – target rings were used as romantic gifts, mementos of one’s love. Initially, target rings were made exclusively with diamonds and rubies. Given the …


The Most Expensive Pearls in the World

Pearl jewellery is one of those things that’s always timeless and stunning. Whether it’s pearl earrings, an antique pearl ring, or a classic Art Deco style pearl strand that stretches down to your bellybutton, pearls are always a good jewellery choice. But what are the most expensive pearls in the world? Join us as we check out …


The Political Power of Brooches

When you think of statement jewellery, your mind will probably jump to a bold necklace or a bright gemstone cocktail ring. Of course, jewellery can make a bold fashion statement, but today, we’re considering a different kind of statement jewellery – jewellery that sends a message. Over the years, jewellery, and in particular brooches, have been used to convey …


How to Style Hoop Earrings

Like many timeless fashion pieces, hoop earrings found their origins in a myriad of diverse cultures. Since their beginning, hoop earrings have become a mainstay of widespread fashion, and hoops are as essential to your jewellery box as a little black dress is for you wardrobe. If you’re wondering how to style hoop earrings and …