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Emerald Diamond Target Ring
AC Silver Jewellery Occasional Rings

Target Rings

What is a Target Ring? Target rings are gemstone rings featuring concentric circles of stones in different colours. Getting their start in the Edwardian era – an excellent time for advancements in jewellery – target rings were used as romantic gifts, mementos of one’s love. Initially, target rings were made exclusively with diamonds and rubies. Given the …

Jewellery Rings

Top 5 Bold Jewellery Pieces

There is room for statement jewellery in everybody’s jewellery boxes. Whether your preference is for something oversized that compliments your outfit, or bright and bold colours and patterns that go their own way entirely. Thankfully, we have such a wide range of items from each category of jewellery that we can offer truly the boldest …

Jewellery Rings

Timeless Jewellery Pieces

There are some types of jewellery that simply do not age. Wardrobe classics like the Little Black Dress undoubtedly have their counterparts in the jewellery world. Today, we’re spending some time enjoying the simple beauty of timeless jewellery pieces; join us, won’t you? Pearl Strands Pearl jewellery has been valued for as long as we have …

AC Silver Jewellery Rings

Unusual Eternity Rings

At AC Silver, we are used to seeing a huge range of jewellery pieces. Everything from Georgian beauties to the most contemporary styles passes through our hands at one point or another, and often they can be somewhat divisive. It’s normal for antique and vintage jewellery to either grab you or repel you; it’s often …

Jewellery Rings

How to Style Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings come in many forms, each as fabulous as the next! Their timeless elegance and stunning sparkle make them absolute must-haves within anyone’s jewellery collection. From subtle studs to stylish hoops, every type of diamond earring can be styled flawlessly. This jewellery type also offers unmatched versatility — diamond earrings can add that something …

AC Silver Jewellery Rings

What is a Puzzle Ring?

If you can’t get enough of unique and unusual jewellery designs, then you’re sure to be intrigued by the fabulous puzzle ring. The history of this style of ring is packed with interesting meanings and powerful symbolism. Not to mention, the design of puzzle rings is gorgeous to look at! Today, we’re delving into the …

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Art Deco vs. Art Nouveau

The Art Deco and Art Nouveau design movements both evolved from France in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Both of these artistic movements led to a bastion of beautiful jewellery pieces. Their timelines overlap considerably, and so establishing a clear history and distinction between the two styles takes a little doing. With …

Jewellery Rings

Dainty Diamond Cluster Rings

What is a Cluster Ring? Generally speaking, a cluster ring is any ring with a selection of gemstones that are all set close together, in a ‘cluster’ type of formation. Sometimes, however, it is easy to get mixed up between cluster ring settings and other settings like the halo ring. Halo rings are different because …