Top 5 Bold Jewellery Pieces

Top 5 Bold Jewellery Pieces

There is room for statement jewellery in everybody’s jewellery boxes. Whether your preference is for something oversized that compliments your outfit, or bright and bold colours and patterns that go their own way entirely. Thankfully, we have such a wide range of items from each category of jewellery that we can offer truly the boldest that antique jewellery has to offer.

1. Bold Rings

When it comes to our rings, you can’t more over-the-top than this opal, diamond, and platinum dress ring. A vintage piece, the opal on this ring totals 5.08 carats, cut into an asymmetrical panel shape. The fire in this piece of opal jewellery is stunning, ranging from rich sky blues to marine and turquoise shimmers, and even the slightest suggestion of pink flecks.

As well as the obscene opal presence in this ring, a D colour, pear-cut diamond just under a carat sits at the slimmer end of the opal. The shape created by this formation is so unique, making this a truly bold ring. If these two stones weren’t enough to cement this ring as a one-of-a-kind, 1.55 carats’ worth of baguette-cut diamonds surround the setting and part of the band itself. What more could you ask for?

Top 5 Bold Jewellery Pieces
pink tourmaline and diamond with yellow gold necklace

2. Bold Necklaces

When you’re looking for bold jewellery pieces, a necklace or a pendant is a good way to go in order to really turn heads. This vintage Italian necklace has an absolutely show-stopping 15.65 carat pink tourmaline at its focal point. The kite faceted cut of the tourmaline brings an element of uniqueness to the piece that is beyond bold.

The yellow gold and diamond-encrusted setting twists around the tourmaline, becoming thicker and thinner in order to emphasise the beauty of the main stone. The length of this necklace means the tourmaline sits just below the base of your neck, giving this necklace heaps of character and beauty. As far as vintage 1990s jewellery goes, nothing screams ‘statement’ more than an oversized, bright pink gemstone surrounded by gold and added sparkles.

3. Bold Bracelets

At AC Silver, we have both bracelets and bangles aplenty, but this bangle – part of a jewellery suite – really takes the cake. A magical combination of diamonds, sodalite, coral, malachite, onyx, and mother of pearl come together to create a ring, earring, and bangle suite. The colour combination in this piece of jewellery is really what makes it stand out, particularly among our stock. Although we have a variety of 1970s jewellery pieces, the colours and shapes utilised in this piece are uniquely modern in their appearance.

The yellow gold used to create the shape of the bangle creates a marvellous contrast again the brightness of the coloured gemstones used on its exterior face. Different textures can also be seen in this piece; the brushed appearance of the malachite alongside the gentle shimmer of the mother of pearl, combined with the strong sparkling of the delicate diamond row is unlike anything else in our stock.

gemstone and 14ct yellow gold vintage jewellery set
art deco vintage diamond and platinum earrings

4. Bold Earrings

Statement jewellery is essentially at its finest when it comes to earrings. The earrings we’re focussing on are these eye-catching day-to-night diamond earrings. Featuring 6.70 carats of diamonds on them, as well as a detachable element, these unique earrings are certainly bold. The lever-back stud section of the earring has a hook-and-loop fastening at its base which allows the wearer to attach and detach the diamond drop at will.

This element allows the wearer to decide whether they want a stunning stud or a dazzling drop earring, making these earrings an easy transition from day to night wearing (hence the day-to-night title). Their Art Deco design, featuring a pair of swirling shapes, bordered by a single row of round-cut diamonds keeps them elegant as can be, whilst the three-pronged drop elevates the earrings to new heights of glamorous sparkle.

5. Bold Brooches

Making a statement with your jewellery couldn’t be easier when it comes to this example of one of our brooches. A vintage French piece, this brooch features a single South Sear pearl, surrounded by 18 pink tourmalines, each pear or marquise cut, and each individually set with 18ct yellow gold claw settings. As if this wasn’t enough in terms of master craftsmanship and beauty, the body of the brooch holds a further 160 round-cut pink tourmalines, creating an overall bouquet design.

Pink tourmaline is clearly a popular feature of our bold jewellery pieces, and it’s probably because they are uniquely bright with a deeply saturated pink hue. This well-sized brooch balances boldness and beauty effortlessly, remaining a stylish piece of jewellery whilst being an ostentatious brooch that would be the centrepiece of anyone’s collection.

south sea pearl and yellow gold french brooch

We consider ourselves very lucky to have access to such a huge range of beautiful jewellery pieces. It always makes us happy to be able to share some of our favourites with you, so what do you think of our selection of show-stoppers?!

The author’s views are entirely their own and may not always reflect the views of AC Silver.

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