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Pearl Necklace Fashion

Pearls are one of the iconic 80’s and 90’s trends making a comeback, and here at AC Silver we are so excited to see this resurgence. Lets celebrate the pearls shiny comeback by exploring some areas of pearl necklace fashion with you all. Roots of the pearl extend as far back as humanity itself, after …


The Most Expensive Pearls in the World

Pearl jewellery is one of those things that’s always timeless and stunning. Whether it’s pearl earrings, an antique pearl ring, or a classic Art Deco style pearl strand that stretches down to your bellybutton, pearls are always a good jewellery choice. But what are the most expensive pearls in the world? Join us as we check out …

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What Colour Jewellery to Wear with Yellow

Pairing jewellery with your outfit isn’t always as easy as it should be. Knowing that diamonds compliment everything isn’t always enough, unfortunately. There are some colours, like yellow, that pose something of a challenge for those looking to remain fashionable whilst sporting their favourite sunny shade. Today, we’re going to explore what colour jewellery to wear with yellow to …

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Jewellery Ideas for 80th Birthday

Someone’s 80th birthday is the best reason to pull out all the stops and gift something really special. What do you give for an 80th birthday? Is jewellery a good birthday gift? We’re here to make the case for antique and vintage jewellery as the perfect 80th birthday present for the woman in your life. …

jewellery for a red dress
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Jewellery to Match a Red Dress

A bold red dress is an undeniable fashion statement. Red is a show-stopping colour, and you’re sure to stand out from the crowd in the very best way – especially when you’ve paired your mesmerising dress with some incredible accessories! Once you’ve settled on your outfit for the night ahead, the next thing to consider …


Cultured Pearls vs Natural Pearls

When you’re buying pearl jewellery, especially new pearl jewellery, you will more often than not be buying cultured pearls. But what’s the difference between cultured pearls and natural pearls? Are cultured pearls real pearls? Which one should you choose? Today, we’re going to answer these questions. The Difference The main difference between a cultured pearl …

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How to Style Vintage Jewellery

Vintage jewellery is often bright, bold, and unique. This means that it’s a lot of fun to style. From gemstone cocktail rings to diamond bracelet, the world of vintage jewellery incorporates many different pieces and styles, so it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start when pairing jewellery with your outfit. The most …

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Jewellery Ideas for 50th Birthday

The mid-century point in life, the big 5-0, is the ideal opportunity for some serious jewellery hardware. What is the traditional gift for the 50th birthday? Well, there isn’t one, which is why we recommend a healthy serving of jewellery. Whenever the question of ‘what do you get a woman for her 50th’ comes up, …


How to Style Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings can easily seem like something that should only be a staple in Jessica Fletcher’s wardrobe. Maybe you’re thinking what can I wear with pearl earrings? Or perhaps you’re wondering are pearl earrings in style? If these are thoughts that have crossed your mind recently, we’re about to solve all your problems with this …