Unusual Pearl Gifts

Unusual Pearl Gifts

Pearls are the birthstone of June as well as being the traditional gift to give for the 30th wedding anniversary. They are often associated with bridal jewellery and they are also regarded as a popular gift for commemorating special occasions like childbirth and promotions. Needless to say, there are a lot of reasons why you might be buying pearls and pearl gifts, which is why we wanted to inspire you.

Before we get into some unusual pearl gift ideas, let’s briefly cover the history of pearls, what they are, and why we love them so much in the first place.

The History of Pearls

It is said that pearls were discovered before written history began. The pearl has been worn for millennia and has been found in ruins dating back to 420 BC. In Ancient Chine, pearls were gifts for royalty, and in Ancient Rome they were seen as a gift representing high status as well.

Pearls were regarded as being so special that Julius Caesar passed a law allowing only the social elite to be able to wear the precious gem. It takes over 100,000 oysters to get enough naturally occurring pearls for a pearl strand necklace with stones that evenly match in size and colour – making pearl jewellery a particularly unique, rare and special gift.

What Does It Mean to Gift Pearls?

Pearls symbolise loyalty, love, and wisdom. They traditionally have been known to symbolise a fresh start or a clean beginning to a new chapter because of their white colour. They also represent purity and innocence, making them a great wedding gift.

In the past, people wore pearls to ward off evil and they gained a connection to the ideas of strength and protection. Pearls are widely regarded as sophisticated and valuable stones – a classy gift and versatile too due to their varying neutral colours and organic shapes. Most pearls are the well-known white, ivory, and cream colours, but you can also find chocolate, blue, lavender, purple, black, pink, champagne, or even green pearls. You can even find multiple colours within a single pearl because of the wild variations of these naturally occurring stones.

Unusual Pearl Gift Ideas

So, you’re looking for a unique pearl gift idea? Considering the huge variety of pearls available, this shouldn’t be too difficult of a task! Take a look at this stunning jewellery set for an easy example of a truly unique pearl gift.

Jewellery Set

Made by the legendary jewellers Asprey & Co, this set includes a brooch, earrings, and a ring each featuring clustered pearls in a range of colours. The use of natural saltwater pearls in this jewellery set is a big what of what makes it so unusual and eye-catching.

Beyond that, the asymmetrical shapes of each individual piece further emphasises the uniqueness and organic elements of the pearls themselves. This vintage jewellery set is perfect for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and just about any other occasion you can imagine.

Unusual Pearl Gifts
Unusual Pearl Gift

12ct Yellow Gold, Pearl and Turquoise Pill Box

This adorable pill box from the early 1800s is a truly unusual and unique pearl gift that would be perfect for any man or woman. If you’re soon to be celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary, think of this box as a great way to show your love and admiration of your spouse.

Its dainty size means it can sit at the vanity and hold precious items like earrings, rings, or indeed even for holding all-important pills. This versatile gift is an all-rounder of beauty, sentimentality, and practicality. Anyone would be lucky to have it!

Victorian Pendant

Another example of unique pearl jewellery that would be an excellent gift is this antique Victorian pendant made with diamonds, pearl, and enamel. This antique pendant takes a beautiful symmetrical form, something that was fairly popular at the time of its creation; today, however, pendants like this are rarely seen despite their innate beauty.

The hand-painted enamel features on this pendant are what seal the deal on its unusual beauty, while the pearls add the perfect accent and lustre to make it a true statement piece. This is the type of gift that can be handed down through the generations, renewing its value over and over.

Unusual Pearl Pendant
Unusual Pearl Earrings

South Sea Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Looking for a unique set of earrings? This stunning pair of South Sea pearl vintage drop earrings are sure to catch some attention. The drop earring means that the pearls stand out more than the typical pearl vintage stud earrings, and the diamonds that accompany the pearls add that extra bit of sparkle.

These vintage 1960s earrings are very dazzling, with gemstones that catch the light so well and pendulous drops that create stunning movement as you move around. What could be better to make a statement on your pearl anniversary?

Natural Pearl and Turquoise Bangle

If Victorian jewellery is your idea of a unique and unusual gift, consider this natural pearl and turquoise bangle, embellished with natural pearls in graduating sizes. The cabochon-cut turquoise really makes the pearls stand out and shows off their beautiful elegance. You will certainly not find another bangle like it.

Finding jewellery with natural pearls as big as the ones in this bangle can prove to be quite a challenge, and the inclusion of such richly-coloured turquoise puts this bangle at the top of the list for unusual pearl gifts.

Unusual Pearl bangle
Unusual Pearl brooch gift

Mississippi River Pearl Brooch

If you follow the blog closely, you’ll notice this brooch comes up again and again as one of our favourites. You need only look at it to see why; the Mississippi river pearl brooch is a real talking point.

Opt for this French vintage feather brooch if you love statement jewellery that is elegant and refined. The Mississippi river pearls of this quality are extremely rare and becoming increasingly difficult to locate, meaning this gift would truly be one of a kind.

Chocolate Pearl and Pink Sapphire Ring

Lastly, how about a pearl that strays from the typical colour palette? Opt for this vintage chocolate pearl and pink sapphire ring. The chocolate pearl being the centre of the design makes it a stand out piece of dress jewellery for the pearl lover, and the chocolate colour means you will definitely stand out from any white pearl wearers.

The inclusion of pink sapphires adds to the uniqueness of this ring, creating a colour scheme that is unusual; a piece of jewellery perfect for the individualist. This dress ring would be a great way of celebrating a June birthday without going down the usual route of white pearl jewellery.

Unusual Pearl Ring

While this list may seem exhaustive, it’s nothing compared to our complete pearl jewellery category and our silverware and silver flatware featuring mother of pearl. No matter what occasion you’re looking to celebrate, you can find some unusual pearl gifts that are perfect right here.

The author’s views are entirely their own and may not always reflect the views of AC Silver.

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