A Guide to Yellow Gemstones

Yellow and pink diamond ring

Do you know which gemstones are yellow in colour? The lovely golden warmth can be found in a range of gemstones – some a lot more valuable than others. Let’s test your gemstone knowledge, see how many of these yellow stones you recognise.

What Are the Yellow Gemstones?


The most common yellow gemstone is the citrine. Citrines are predominantly yellow and golden in tone, with some random outliers that are closer to being brown or orange.

A Guide to Yellow Gemstones


Topaz is another gemstone that has a lot of yellow hues. Although blue topaz is very popular, yellow versions of the stone are more commonplace. There are a lot of semi-precious gemstones with yellow shades as well.


Amber, for example, is usually orange, but it does have a lot of yellow tones. Most examples of amber have at least some yellow sections that border on being golden. Yellow is found even in the most luxurious gemstones.


Most people think of sapphires as gorgeous blue gemstones. While sapphires are certainly that, they can also be yellow. Trace levels of iron in the stone can make the difference between a blue gemstone and one that’s yellow. Sapphire can also be subjected to light levels of radiation to become yellow – either naturally or in a gemstone lab.

Other than the traditional blue sapphires, yellow sapphires are the most desired sapphire. For many, yellow sapphires represent a more affordable luxury yellow gemstone alternative to the real star of the show.

yellow sapphire ring


Yellow diamonds are rare, and incredibly valuable. As the carbon crystallite structure forms in the Earth’s mantle, nitrogen deposits turn this stone from its sparkling clarity to a yellow hue.

Yellow diamonds occur naturally for roughly 1 in every 10,000 carats of mined gemstone. Although they’re very rare, they’re more common than other coloured diamond variations. Up to 60% of coloured diamonds are yellow, while colours like black and pink are much rarer.

yellow sapphire ring

What Is the Most Expensive Yellow Gemstone?

As you can imagine, the yellow diamond is the most expensive yellow gemstone. Typically, anyone shopping for a yellow diamond will be spending anywhere from £2,500 – $4,000 per carat. For most diamond engagement rings, anywhere between 1 and 2 carats is a common choice. The costs of a stunning yellow diamond ring sure do stack up fast!

Thankfully, a yellow diamond will surely be a sound investment, appreciating in value over time.

What Is the Most Popular Yellow Gemstone?

Citrines are the most popular yellow gemstone, worn far and wide by adoring jewellery fans. Despite the high costs of the yellow diamond, or perhaps because of them, they are less popular overall than citrines.

It’s likely that the inexpensive nature of citrines is a prominent factor in their popularity. They are the ideal gemstone for a range of gifting opportunities. Romantic partners are happy to receive citrine jewellery, but it’s also appropriate for platonic and family relationships.

Citrine is also the birthstone for the month of November – just another great opportunity to gift this gemstone.

yellow citrine pendant

What Is the Rarest Yellow Gemstone?

Yellow diamonds are the rarest of all the yellow gemstones. Tourmaline, however, has the rarest instances of yellow colouring. Yellow tourmalines are the rarest variety. Trace elements of titanium and iron in the composition of the stone give them their appealing colour.

light yellow diamond ring

What Is the Meaning of Yellow Gemstones?

Yellow as a colour is often associated with life and the sun – not too surprising. Gemstones with this colour were associated with positivity and the life essence that comes from the sun in Ancient Egyptian cultures. This eye-catching colour is perfect for gemstones that radiate positive energy.

As a colour, yellow represents happiness and energy. This same optimism is found in the meaning of yellow gemstones. They are revitalising and youthful when you need it most.  Yellow gemstones are believed to promote self-confidence and internal warmth.

Wearing yellow gemstones can lift your mood effortlessly. If you need a boost of some energy and happiness in your life, consider some yellow gemstone jewellery to bring you out of that slump and into a new era of joy!

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