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Emerald Diamond Target Ring
AC Silver Jewellery Occasional Rings

Target Rings

What is a Target Ring? Target rings are gemstone rings featuring concentric circles of stones in different colours. Getting their start in the Edwardian era – an excellent time for advancements in jewellery – target rings were used as romantic gifts, mementos of one’s love. Initially, target rings were made exclusively with diamonds and rubies. Given the …

Jewellery Rings

Timeless Jewellery Pieces

There are some types of jewellery that simply do not age. Wardrobe classics like the Little Black Dress undoubtedly have their counterparts in the jewellery world. Today, we’re spending some time enjoying the simple beauty of timeless jewellery pieces; join us, won’t you? Pearl Strands Pearl jewellery has been valued for as long as we have …

AC Silver Jewellery Rings

What is a Puzzle Ring?

If you can’t get enough of unique and unusual jewellery designs, then you’re sure to be intrigued by the fabulous puzzle ring. The history of this style of ring is packed with interesting meanings and powerful symbolism. Not to mention, the design of puzzle rings is gorgeous to look at! Today, we’re delving into the …

Jewellery Rings

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

if you are engaged it is likely you have a special connection to your engagement ring. That glittering gem on your finger will always take you right back to that special day, conjuring up thoughts of love, happiness, and contentment. Not to mention, it looks fantastic sparkling on your finger day in, day out! Although …

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Dainty Diamond Rings

Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in the biggest and boldest when it comes to diamond rings. When you’re looking to scale things back, you want to check out the more delicate side of the jewellery world. In that spirit, today we’re celebrating our daintiest diamond rings that are perfect for engagement rings, birthday …

Jewellery Rings

Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings

Pear cut diamond rings are undeniably stunning. Their elongated shape is flattering on the finger and their impressive sparkle is second to none. Many couples are opting for this popular and gorgeous cut for their engagement ring. Even if you’ve already chosen this beautiful diamond cut, there are many other factors to consider. If you’ve …