21st Birthday Jewellery Ideas for Your Daughter

21st Birthday Sapphire Ring

So, the day is finally here when your little girl turns twenty-one. It’s impossible to think that the day was ever going to come, but it’s here and it’s time to decide what gifts she should receive. If you were wondering if jewellery is a good birthday gift, you’re already onto a winner.

21st Birthday Jewellery Ideas for Your Daughter

Diamond Earrings for your Daughter’s 21st

With 21st birthdays being a big step into the adult world, it’s time your daughter had a pair of nice diamond earrings. Diamond studs are the best choice for her 21st birthday, bringing pops of bright sparkle to her life unlike anything she’s had before.

Diamond studs are also a good choice because they are universal; they suit everyone no matter what their hair or clothing style.

You can also get diamond studs in a variety of shapes and sizes, so however much you want to spend on the gift can help dictate the type of studs you choose.

Cross Pendants for your Daughter’s 21st

The cross pendant is something that doesn’t have to be linked to religion in order to be a great gift.

If you are religious, it’s even better for you to give to your daughter, a way of strengthening the link you have together and something she can take forward with her into her adult life.

With religion out of the picture, a cross pendant is a stylish and truly timeless piece of jewellery for you to give to your daughter. Some examples can be worn daily, while others are more ‘showy’, being better for special occasions.

Diamond Cross for 21st

Tennis Bracelets for your Daughter’s 21st

The diamond tennis bracelet has been a big hit for a long time, making it a perfect birthday gift. Tennis bracelets are a classic piece of jewellery, like the Little Black Dress for your jewellery box. It’s highly unlikely that your daughter has a diamond tennis bracelet already, which is why it would mean so much for her if you are the one to give her her very first one.

Diamond jewellery is a great gift for your daughter, particularly as she’s on the precipice of adulthood. The tennis bracelet is a gift that your daughter can wear on her birthday, on her wedding day, and any other special time in her life.

Birthday Jewellery

Birthstone Rings for your Daughter’s 21st

Every month has its own birthstone – some of them even having two gemstones for each month. A simple dainty ring featuring her birthstone is a great way of showing how well you know her. If you want to include some diamonds in your line-up, we have a lot of cocktail rings and dress rings that have accenting diamonds to compliment the main stone.

You can follow the birthstone pattern by opting for a full jewellery set with your daughter’s birthstone featuring prominently. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate jewellery set with stones bigger than those you’ve ever seen before; instead, you can get delicate pieces of jewellery that your daughter will love.

21st Birthday Gifts

Eternity Rings for your Daughter’s 21st

Eternity rings are usually reserved for wedding anniversaries, but these traditions have long since been thrown by the wayside. Today, eternity rings are used for everything from birthdays to engagements, even as wedding bands. There is no greater reason to buy an eternity ring than to gift it to your daughter as she becomes an adult.

There are full eternity rings and half eternity rings, with the half eternity having stones around only one side of the band.

Deciding which you should get depends on your daughter’s style. A half eternity is the best way to play it safe; they can be resized, while the full eternity ring cannot.

Gift Ideas for Your Daughter

Your daughter’s big day deserves something special, and we think that jewellery is the type of gift she’ll be able to treasure for the rest of her life. We’ve laid out a few great ideas for you to start your journey, and we have every confidence in you! Make it a day for her to remember!

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