How to Style Pearl Earrings

How to Style Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings can easily seem like something that should only be a staple in Jessica Fletcher’s wardrobe. Maybe you’re thinking what can I wear with pearl earrings? Or perhaps you’re wondering are pearl earrings in style? If these are thoughts that have crossed your mind recently, we’re about to solve all your problems with this blog.

Are Pearl Earrings in Style?

Fashion is a fickle creature, and as you might expect, pearls have come and gone in popularity over the years. As we enter the 2020s, pearls are sky-rocketing their way to the catwalks of the world, coming in all shapes and sizes.

Yes, pearl earrings are in style. Everything from the classic round pearl studs to more unique and obscure pearl jewellery pieces are being welcomed in by those en vogue at the moment. Pearls have transformed from your grandmother’s dusty jewellery to something that feels at once fabulously fresh and grounded in reality in a way that’s hard to find in most modern amenities.

How to Style Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings are the perfect segue into the world of pearl jewellery, being simple and understated in a way that makes them the perfect tester. Try out some pearl studs to keep it simple and see how elegant you suddenly feel, you’re sure to be the talk of the town with your glamour and style.

Now let’s answer some questions about how we can go about wearing pearl earrings.

Can You Wear Pearl Earrings Every Day?

Of all the every-day types of jewellery, pearl earrings are definitely one you can pull off with minimal effort. Much like diamond earrings, pearls earrings go with most outfits, so there’s no reason to turn away the pearls when you’re setting up your look for the day.

The only thing to bear in mind when you want to wear pearl earrings regularly is making sure you properly clean the pearls. Pearl jewellery is tarnished more easily than a lot of other jewellery, so you have to keep your pearls away from potentially damaging materials like moisturisers and perfumes. Make sure your pearl earrings are the last thing on and the first thing off when you’re applying accessories to your outfit.

All in all, whether you’re spending the day out on the town shopping or you’ve got plans for something more cultural, some pearl vintage or antique stud earrings will ensure that you remain outstandingly effortless and chic. We are lucky enough to have the well-known creamy coloured pearls as well as the stunningly unique blue-black pearls in stud earring styles below.

Vintage Pearl Earrings
Styling Earrings

What Can I Wear with Pearl Earrings?

When you’re looking for top tips to style pearl earrings, you have to start by breaking it down. Let’s start answering this question by establishing what the occasion calls for; is it a formal event where you’re likely to be photographed? Is it a casual meal out with family? Or is it something in between – a fun party with friends where people will be dressing up without an expectation to look entirely prim and proper?

Let’s say we’re going fully formal. Drop earrings are the way to go, ideally paired with an updo hairstyle and a full-length gown. This is all-the-way glamour, and so consider pairing it with some gloves to elevate your outfit. There are few things more refined than being at a black-tie event with every element of our aesthetics at their very best. For this, you’ll want pearls and diamonds together; the lustre of the pearls and the sparkle of the diamonds together create the right level of beauty that a black-tie deserves.

Pearl and Diamond Earrings
Pearl Jewellery

More laidback occasions work better with the casual pearl stud, but don’t shy away from some finer diamond accents that can make the overall look a bit more special.

This jewellery suite, for example, would be the perfect accent for an outfit to wear out on the town. The necklace and studs together would look great paired with an elegant shirt or blouse and some well-cut jeans.

This is an outfit that transcends age and personal tastes, allowing you to tailor it to your own style. This vintage 1950s jewellery set has an understated style to it that allows it to be paired with more modern styles just as easily as more traditional ones.

Finally, if we’re going to a party. Parties are the ideal time to be more playful with your outfits. Wear something that you’re keen to try out, maybe a new colour or pattern that you think looks stunning but you’ve never tried before.

When you’ve got your outfit on, whether you decide to go over the top and fun with it or stay more scaled back, go for some playful jewellery. These pearl and diamond earrings feature a stunning spray design that’s typical of the vintage era.

Pearl and Diamond Earrings

A vintage-style dress or something with a floral pattern would be a great combo for these earrings, but equally they could add some fun to a more neutral outfit too.

And there we have it, a simple guide on how to style pearl earrings. You can use our blog as a guideline and go from there to explore which earrings are right for you – don’t forget to check out our collection of pearl earrings to see you right!

The author’s views are entirely their own and may not always reflect the views of AC Silver.

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