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Silver for Everyday Life

You might think of antique silverware as something reserved for people born in the first half of the 20th century, but it’s time to think again. Not only is silverware a highly-valuable collectable for people all over the work, there are also completely practical pieces of silver for everyday life. Today, we’re going to take …

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Luxury Gifts for Tea Lovers

Tea is beloved across the nation, with some of us taking it very seriously. At AC Silver, we love taking tea seriously, and so we’ve decided to compile a gift guide for anyone shopping for their most beloved tea lover. Look no further for luxury gifts for those who live their lives for that next …


5 Pieces of Silver that Have a Modern Use

For a lot of us, silver is simply a space-taker that you’re likely to find in your grandmother’s display cupboard. The image of silver being a dated luxury that serves no use today couldn’t be further from the truth, however. Today, we’ll take a look at 5 pieces of silver that have a modern use; …


What is Your Silver Teapot Worth?

Silver was once something every respectable middle-class family owned, sometimes in abundance. Today, however, silver seems like less of a necessity for a lot of people, and some of us have been landed with silver as inheritance and simply don’t know what to do with it. If it’s a silver teapot you’ve come across, and …

Japanese antique silver inkstand
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Adding Antiques to the Home Office

Working from home has become the norm of late, therefore here at AC Silver we want to give you some inspiration to bring a touch of tradition to your home. We believe the home office can become more than a background your colleagues see on your webcam, here we believe the office is a private …


How to Decorate with a Silver Tea Set

When wondering how to decorate with a silver tea set, it’s a basic question of what you want to do with your tea set. If you use your silver tea set very regularly then you’ll want something practical that can allow you to have easy access to it. If you’re more interested in ideas for …


The Best Silver for Her

Gendered gifts are fast-becoming a thing of the past, and so please feel free to consider the title of this blog to be more conceptual than literal. Perhaps a more accurate title would have been ‘the best silver for feminine people’ since that will be our focus today. Let’s explore some beautiful feminine silver. Boxes …