Pearl Gifts for Men

Pearl Gifts for Men

The traditional 30th wedding anniversary gift is theme is pearl; for those of us shopping for men for this special anniversary, this can seem intimidating. Pearls are so often regarded as feminine jewellery pieces, but this couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to pearl wedding gifts for men.

Pearls can be diverse pieces of jewellery that suit all manner of styles, making for excellent gifts for men for the pearl anniversary. Below, we’re going to give you some pearl gift ideas for him that will leave you feeling inspired to celebrate that special anniversary whenever it may come.

Pearl Gifts for Him

If you are Christian or Catholic and your other half likes to wear jewellery indicating his faith, then maybe a cross pendant accented with pearls is a thoughtful gift that he’ll appreciate on your 30th wedding anniversary. Check out three of our pearl cross pendants and you’ll see that the designs are romantic without being the typical image one might conjure when picturing a pearl necklace.

Pearl Gifts for Men
Pearl Gifts for Him
Mens pearl gifts

All three pendants use yellow gold and pearls together to create substantial pendants befitting a man who likes to display his faith openly and with more than a little bravado. If your husband doesn’t often wear jewellery but does have a strong connection to his faith, you could still gift him one of these pendants as a display piece. The thought that goes in to giving an anniversary gift such as this is always appreciated.

Deciding what to get a man for a pearl anniversary can seem daunting if you think of pearls as exclusively being women’s jewellery. Opening up your mindset a little can go a long way, just check out some of our stunning pearl brooches.

Pearl Brooches for Him

brooch is a very versatile piece of jewellery, being equally suited to masculine and feminine styles. Your husband can proudly display a brooch on the lapel of his jacket in much the same way that you might; a pearl on the lapel of a suit is extremely refined and sophisticated – perfect for that special anniversary.

Pearl Brooches for Him
Pearl Bar Brooches for Him
Pearl Brooches for Him

We’ve included three of our pearl brooches here, increasing in complexity and size with each example. Our first example is very simple in its design, a simple circular brooch accented with six pearls equally placed around the frame. This brooch is effortlessly clean and elegant, the perfect gift for a real gentleman.

Next, the Victorian bar brooch, featuring a neat row of thirteen natural pearls. This bar brooch style is timeless, making the perfect accent for the angular cuts involved in suits and other traditionally masculine clothing pieces. Lastly, our stunning Mississippi river pearl brooch in the form of a feather. When a pearl naturally forms to be this stunning in its shape and lustre, it is the perfect gift for anyone for any occasion. Picture this brooch standing proud as the statement piece on your husband’s coat; he’ll feel like the man about town.

Pearl Anniversary Gifts for Men

Another area to consider for gifts for men on the pearl anniversary is cufflinks. This is one area of jewellery where male ownership and use is actually the norm. If you’re looking for a traditional 30th wedding anniversary gift for men, then cufflinks are an excellent way to incorporate the theme. If your husband is not one for wearing jewellery in his daily life (we shudder to think), then cufflinks are a way to give him a gift that he can make real use of and is sure to love.

Check out some of our mother of pearl cufflinks below.

cufflinks for men
pearl cufflinks
pearl dress set for men

Our first example is a minimalistic vintage 1960s pair of yellow gold and mother of pearl cufflinks that would really suit a gentleman with mid-century tastes. The slightly rounded shape of these cuffs is a timeless touch; these cuffs will look effortlessly stylish for years to come.

The next pair of cufflinks are 1920s links with diamond accents. Rounded in shape, the small diamonds scattered around this pair of cuffs really catch the light, making for a dazzling gift your husband would love! Finally, our last set of cufflinks also feature a set of shirt studs. The perfect gift for a very formal gentleman, this mother of pearl set has a cleanness to its lustre and shimmer that’s easy to fall in love with; truly a romantic gift.

Other Pearl Gifts for Men

It wouldn’t be right for us to disregard the plethora of brilliant mother of pearl gifts among our silver categories in this blog. Let’s sample some of the many pearl anniversary gifts for men that can be found with silver items.

pearl frame gift for men

Firstly, you’ll see our beautiful 1922 sterling silver and mother of pearl photograph frame. If it’s your 30th wedding anniversary, this frame could be used to display one of your favourite pictures of the two of you together over the last 30 years. The different panels of mother of pearl add a textuality that makes for a beautiful and unique gift.

Secondly, the vintage 1975 sterling silver and mother of pearl baptismal shell is another avenue to explore for religious anniversary gifts. Your husband doesn’t have to be performing baptisms, or even religious, to enjoy this exceptional accent dish.

pearl silverware
mother of pearl flatware

Finally, a stunning Victorian 1898 sterling silver and mother of pearl fruit/dessert service for six people – a gift the whole family can enjoy. If your husband doesn’t care for jewellery but he does appreciate the exceptional craftsmanship involved in antique silverware and silver flatware, this is the best anniversary gift he could receive.

Although it can seem daunting to shop for your husband on your 30th wedding anniversary, there are a lot of options open to you that you might not have even considered. At AC Silver, we pride ourselves on offering something for everyone, and so we hope you’ve been left inspired by our range of pearl anniversary gifts for men. The most important thing is that you gift from the heart; your husband will love the thoughtful gift you give.

The author’s views are entirely their own and may not always reflect the views of AC Silver.

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