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What is Silver Flatware?

The dictionary definition of flatware is: relatively flat tableware such as utensils, forks, knives, spoons, used at the table for serving and eating food. So, we’re thinking along the lines of eating utensils. The question then is; what is the difference between flatware and cutlery? To me, after that definition, they seem to be one in the same- right?! But let’s start by learning the ins and outs of flatware…

silver cutlery storage

Silver Cutlery Storage

Unless you have adopted the technique of scooping or perhaps picking at food with your fingers than you will certainly have some form of cutlery. Now if you know anything about AC Silver, you will be aware all of our ‘cutlery’ attention is focused on silver cutlery. In fact, you might get to the stage …


AC Silver’s Cutlery Etiquette Guide

When faced with an array of cutlery at a dinner party, it is easy to be a little overwhelmed. The questions start piling up: which one do I use first? How do I hold them? After a few tentative glances around the table, you might be able to seamlessly blend in with those around you. …


Apostle Spoons

An Apostle spoon is a spoon, usually crafted out of silver, which features an image of an apostle as the termination of the handle. These spoons can be dated precisely and are among the earliest surviving examples of English silver. The twelve apostles that feature on these spoons each possess their own distinctive emblem, and …


Types of Forks

There are many different varieties/ types of fork. Possibly the most important and widely used ones are the dinner, fish, salad, dessert, and the seafood fork. The shapes of these different forks accommodate specific foods. Forks which have long tapered tines are made to spear pieces of food, such as steak. Those with a wide …


Collecting Spoons

Starting your Silver Spoon Collection There are so many different designs of spoons that it’s hard to know where to start with your collection. If done cleverly however, you could turn your hobby into a money maker. If you’re looking to take this up seriously you’ll be glad to hear that spoons have been produced …


Georg Jensen Flatware Patterns

At AC Silver we have been privileged in the past to have been able to include many pieces of Georg Jensen silverware, from brooches to mugs. If you are a regular reader of our blogs you may have noticed I have a minor obsession with spoons, which I am not afraid to admit – in …


King’s Pattern Cutlery

Throughout my learning experience at AC Silver the battle of the “King’s shape”was one of the most joyful to conquer. I joined the team with no understanding of the base shape or form of cutlery and looked for sources to educate myself so I could ‘hold my own’ in a detailed discussion. After some wrong …