How to Set the Perfect Easter Table

How to Set the Perfect Easter Table

Spring has finally sprung and I don’t know about you but it feels like Mother Nature really took her time with this one. Having said that, now that spring is here I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the longer nights, the (slightly) warmer days, and then of course there’s all the new life around – i’m primarily thinking about the little lambs that have been gradually emerging.

With spring comes Easter, and Easter brings with it many a celebratory meal. As someone who enjoys a good bit of festivity I started thinking about Easter Sunday: the Sunday service (if you’re inclined that way), perhaps an Easter egg hunt, and then the traditional Easter Sunday Lunch. Of course, I honed in on the part that involved the most food – the Easter meal. Having worked at AC Silver for a number of years I automatically racked my brain about the ways in which silverware can enhance such a celebratory feast, and I managed to come up with a few ways in which you might be able to decorate and set your table this Easter in order to make it the perfect Easter table!

Serving up a treat

Before dinner, often tea, coffee, or maybe even something stronger is served up. These drinks call out for an impressive tray on which to serve them. I’ve picked out a few of my favourite tea trays to inspire you:

Silver Tray
Silver for Easter

If you’re feeling particularly inspired, how about using these drink trays as a focal point. You could achieve this by stacking the trays, in a tiered design. The positives of this design is that it can either be used to serve food on the tiered trays; or as an aesthetic feature for your Easter Table: you could perhaps fill the levels with spring foliage.

Focussing on the centre:

Now this could be anything from a vase full of spring flowers: such as tulips or daffodils; or to an actual centrepiece perhaps filled with colourful eggs (sticking with the Easter theme). A centrepiece would look fantastic in the middle of a dining room table.

Easter Centrepieces

This particular centrepiece could be used as a generous sized wine cooler, to keep your wine, or even champagne, cool throughout the meal.

silver vases for easter

These four vases would look beautiful scattered along the dining room table, or even placed sporadically in the room where you’re serving up the Easter feast.

Silver Pepperette for Easter

Bringing the animals to the table

As it is spring time, it’s the perfect excuse to feature animals on your Easter table, and I’m not just thinking about the traditional roast lamb. How about decorating with little chicks, or even placing little bunnies (chocolate or plastic) on the centre of your guests plates? Or even using a novelty pepperette like this one here, form and function in one!

Speaking of plates…

Of course, plates are a must for any meal. So, have a think about how you want to use plates to enhance your Easter table. As with the trays you could layer up; you could choose a particular pattern to promote the feeling of spring, or maybe the colour of the plate will be key on your table. I for one am a bit biased and thought – what better way to frame your dinner than on a fine and impressive sterling silver plate, such as these ones:

Sterling Silver Plates
Silver Meat Platters for Easter

These sterling silver plates would look fantastic as serving pieces for your scrumptious show-stopping main dish.

Silver Napkin Rings

Napkins for mopping up

Next to your plates are usually napkins. So how about adding even more decoration with some napkin rings. Although this set of six napkin rings comes from the Edwardian period, they have a very contemporary element to them which would be a magnificent addition to any Easter table.

Silver Canteen of Cutlery

Let’s not forget the cutlery

Cutlery is a necessity for any meal. However, given that this is an extra special meal, how about indulging in a cutlery set to match. The kind that springs to mind is this magnificent Sandringham pattern cutlery service. It truly offers you all the flatware and cutlery you could want when serving up an Easter feast.

When thinking about setting the perfect Easter table then, remind yourself of the must-have elements you’ve discovered here. As always, I’m keen to explore new ideas, so do let me know in the comments below how you’re setting your Easter table this year, or even how you’ve done it in the past. All that is left to say is to wish you a Happy Easter!

The author’s views are entirely their own and may not always reflect the views of AC Silver.

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