How To Wear A Brooch

How To Wear A Brooch

We’re going to take some time now to go over some of our favourite ideas for how to wear a brooch. Check out our suggestions and see what sparks inspiration in you!

Blazer Lapels

One of the most traditional ways of wearing brooches is to decorate the lapels of your blazer with them. This is the perfect look for work and other formal occasions where you should refrain from overdressing. For styling brooches this way, it is best to either wear a single brooch or a matching pair, as you can find in many of our double clip brooches.

Some brooches have two main sections that remain attached through a fine feature like a chain. These pins and brooches look best when one section is on the lapel and the other on the breast of the blazer. Brooches with safety chains are very easy to style this way if you do not own a brooch that’s separated into two sections.

Diamond Pin Brooch
How to wear a double pin brooch
Horseshoe Pin Brooch


Shirt collars and blouses are another fantastic option for brooch-wearing, being both versatile and elegant. This wearing style looks its absolute best when matching brooches are worn on either collar. Our double clip – or duette – brooches are ideal for this, coming in clever matching designs that can be worn as a single large brooch as well as being a pair of co-ordinated, smaller pieces.

For something more unique, wearing a smaller brooch with an unusual design on one side of your collar can look eye-catching! Opting for brooches on the quirkier side if you’re interested in this look is a great idea (animal brooches are always a good choice). Alternatively, minimalist brooches with subtle designs can be useful for adding a touch of shine to any everyday outfit.

diamond flower brooch
wearing brooch on collar
diamond floral brooch

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Take a page out of the vintage styling books and consider wearing your brooch as an accent to the neckline of your outfit. This style of brooch-wearing was really popular in the mid-twentieth century. Style icons like Liz Taylor and Grace Kelly were both fans of this wearing style, and it’s one you can often spot Royal Family members wearing too. If you’re wearing an item with a rounded neckline, then choose one side to accent with a few brooches that best compliment your outfit.

More angular necklines like halters and square necklines look best with two matching brooches. Whether they’re two halves of a whole or simply two brooches that match each other well, wearing one at each corner of the neckline. Halter necks on dresses really suit a pair of brooches parallel to each other on the straps – great for adding colour or sparkle.

Coats & Jackets

Winter coats and jackets are one of the best items for brooches. Either a multitude of smaller brooches or a single statement piece on the lapel or the breast of the garment is absolutely perfect. This is great for when you want to sparkle and shine a little but it’s cold enough outside that you need the practicality of warm layers.

Jacket styles like capes and other wrap-around layers can be accented with brooches in a way that’s both beautiful and practical. Use your brooch to secure your garment in place – this is the perfect touch for those autumn days when the leaves are crunching and you’re headed out for a relaxing country walk. Themed pieces like a group of insect brooches are ideal for this style.

wearing diamond brooch
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wearing gemstone brooch
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male wearing brooch
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wearing antique brooches


Utilising brooches in your headgear is another way of adding some glamour to your look. Whether it’s a summery straw hat, a classic vintage style hat, or a daily wear like a hijab or other form of headscarf, brooches can highlight the best elements of your headgear. Consider your hairstyle when planning to accent your hat with a brooch; wearing it simple and down might work, but it’s more likely that wearing an elegant low bun would look best.

An ideal combination is a beret and a brooch. Angle your beret so that the tallest point is diagonally forward-facing. Pin the brooch to the centre of the tallest side of your beret, and let the beauty shine. Brooches crafted in styles like stars, hearts, crowns, and other easily-recognisable icons are perfect for accenting a piece of headgear.

Hair Accessories

Technically a very traditional way of wearing a brooch, having brooches incorporated into your hairstyle is something that isn’t typically done anymore. This doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done, however. If you look at bridal styles that are popular now, you’ll see that a lot of wedding hairstyles incorporate brooches to add some sophistication and class.

diamond hair accessories
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You can make brooches for your hair more casual, however, by doing your hair in a different style. Rather than something like a French twist that is a common wedding hairstyle, try out a ponytail or a messy bun and accent it with one or two dainty brooches to make your aesthetic glamorous without being over-the-top for more casual wearing. This is a great touch to add for occasions like formal dinners or parties.

Ways to Wear a Diamond Brooch

Complimentary to all skin tones, the diamond is a true jewellery favourite and looks especially dazzling in a brooch. You can wear a diamond brooch in all the ways we have just discussed, but take note that there are certain ways they can look particularly bright.

Against darker colours, the light colourless/white tone of a diamond can really stand out. Diamond brooches attached to lapels of darker jackets really make the brooch speak for itself, so try dressing up a plain jacket with a sparkling diamond brooch to wow people. Diamond brooches are a great accessory for adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to an outfit, and give you that impressive wow factor that diamond jewellery always bring to the table.

Alternatively, diamonds can also compliment white tones, especially when set in white gold or platinum. Perfect for, but not limited to, bridal brilliance and wedding looks as diamonds are able to  sparkles and glow next to clean bright white tones. Besides, if you’re a bride one big diamond might not be enough, treat yourself or a member of your wedding party to a sentimental diamond brooch that will last generations.

Brooch Ideas for Men

In general, men do not wear as much jewellery as women. However, we at AC Silver would love to see that change. Men can wear brooches in the most traditional way, such as on the lapels of a jacket, but there are also other ways. When wearing shirts without waistcoats, a brooch on the shirt looks fantastic. Similar to our earlier suggestion, brooches with two sections or a safety chain look best for this style.

Wearing a brooch directly on a waistcoat is also a look worth exploring. If, for whatever reason, you’re wearing a three-piece suit, leave the brooch off of the jacket lapels and try having it on the breast of the waistcoat instead. A brooch that’s relatively small in size is good for this style, adding just a subtle touch of some refined elegance.

The author’s views are entirely their own and may not always reflect the views of AC Silver.

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  1. I am 78years old and was told at an early age by my grandmother (. a very elegant lady ) that we should wear brooches and buttonholes on the garment side that buttons across the body. Therefore ladies on their right side and gentlemen on their left. It’s quite simple and easy to remember.

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