Day and night earrings are one of those creative breakthroughs that make accessorising that much easier in times of need. Day and night may be contrasting concepts, but earrings that are listed as day and night earrings couldn’t be more cohesive. Events that transition from the day into the night time are where day and night earrings truly shine.

What are Day and Night Earrings?

A pair of day and night earrings can appear as two pairs of earrings. That’s because the initial part of the earrings, the element that goes through the lobe, separate from the second part, which hangs from the lobe, elevating the elegance of the earrings.

Having earrings like this means that they can be worn as studs, and then if the event becomes more formal, the hanging part of the earrings can be attached. The convenience of not having to bring two pairs of earrings to events like weddings is a brilliant reason to invest in some earrings. Even the bride could benefit from being able to easily transition for the ceremony to the reception.

Dangling earrings are always sophisticated and stylish, but sometimes they can be a bit ‘too much’ for an event. The option of having a stud that matches the style and glamour of the drop is indispensable to the fashionable in-the-know. The day-and-night design for earrings originated in the 1800s, and it’s no surprise. The Victorians revolutionised so much of fashion and jewellery, so the revelation of day-and-night earrings is part and parcel when it comes to antique style that transcends its time.

What are Day and Night Earrings?

Day and Night Earrings
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We are fortunate enough to boast both day and night earrings in addition to a great plethora of other Victorian styles. Both our stud and drop earrings are phenomenal in their uniqueness, their intrinsically elegant styles, and their versatility. Imagine if any one of the examples below was crafted in the day-and-night style, with studs that you could wear on any day, and drops that you could utilise to create the perfect finishing touch to countless stunning outfits.

Day-and-night earrings are not the same thing as day-to-night earrings, it is important to note. The main distinction being that day-to-night earrings are one pair of earrings worn throughout the day and into the evening, with no accoutrements to add, while our beloved day-and-night earrings are a two-part process that adds more glamour and sparkle to your life.

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Day and Night Earrings
What are Day and Night Earrings?
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