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Emerald Diamond Target Ring
AC Silver Jewellery Occasional Rings

Target Rings

What is a Target Ring? Target rings are gemstone rings featuring concentric circles of stones in different colours. Getting their start in the Edwardian era – an excellent time for advancements in jewellery – target rings were used as romantic gifts, mementos of one’s love. Initially, target rings were made exclusively with diamonds and rubies. Given the …

Jewellery Rings

History of Heart Shaped Jewellery

It can easily seem as though, for the longest time, the typical love heart shape has been the cornerstone of romance in human culture. But, where did the heart shape we all know so well come from? Today, we’re exploring the heart shape as well as its prominence in jewellery throughout much of history. History …

Jewellery Occasional

Aquamarines for Every Occasion

Aquamarines are generally considered when it comes to a gemstone for any situation. Today, we’re questioning that, as we show you some of our finest aquamarine pieces and you make the decision for yourself. Are aquamarines for every occasion? Let’s find out Weddings We’ll start with what is quite possibly the occasion of all occasions. …

Jewellery Rings

Can Men Wear Eternity Rings?

A symbol of everlasting love, eternity rings have been a popular engagement gift for women since the 1960s. But, can men wear eternity rings? What Does an Eternity Ring Symbolise? It’s the De Beers Group that’s to thank for popularising eternity rings as an anniversary gift, pushing men to remind their wives of the bond …

Jewellery Occasional Rings

Timeless Engagement Rings

When you get engaged, you’ve created a memory that will last forever. So, it stands to reason that the ring you choose for the big moment should be just as timeless as the love between you and your partner. As well as symbolising your romance, your engagement ring is a fashion statement, and one that …


Earrings to Match Your Engagement Ring

If you’re preparing to publicly announce your engagement and show your engagement ring for the first time, it can be easy to let the rest of your jewellery fall away and be forgotten. But, if you really want to make an impression and present a fully thought-out, cohesive look, you’ll wear earrings to match your …


How to Style a Bangle

For me, bangles lie in that tricky section of jewellery where I want to wear them, but my main experiences of wearing them has been less than great. If you’re anything like me, your lasting memory of wearing bangles is trying them on as a small child and being deeply disappointed when they fall to …


5 Jewellery Pieces Everyone Should Own

We already know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but surely we all want a few more companions? Every jewellery box glistens with a wide array of items, and the jewellery that we choose largely depends on our personal preferences and styles. However, there are a few essential pieces that everyone should keep pride …