Love Heart Jewellery for Valentine’s Day

Love Heart Jewellery for Valentine's Day

Giving love heart jewellery for Valentine’s Day is as natural as breathing. Love hearts have been related to romance since the mid-13th century. The celebration of Valentine’s Day really took off in the Victorian period, and jewellery featuring the love heart motif became incredibly popular at this time. So, if you’re looking to surprise the love of your life this year, consider the age-old tradition of love heart jewellery for Valentine’s Day.


A pendant is one of the most romantic gifts a woman can receive. The crackling of the fireplace, some chocolates and something bubbly, and the wonderful feeling of having someone closing the clasp of a pendant at the back of your neck – nothing compares! We aren’t too proud to boast about our own collection of love heart shaped pendants. Check out these examples of the romantic heart shape in action. Each one is totally unique, from Victorian jewellery pieces through to some vintage styles. For more Valentine’s pendant inspiration, explore our necklaces and pendants category. Which of these stunning pendants is the one for you this year?

Opal Pendant
Amethyst Love Heart Pendant
Ruby heart pendant


Bracelets and bangles are a delightfully intimate gift to give for Valentine’s. The love heart motif is the perfect finishing touch for this jewellery style. Get a love heart bracelet for your partner if you know this is their preferred type of jewellery. If your loved one doesn’t wear bracelets very often, going for something more slimline and rigid like a bangle might be a better choice. Gold gate bracelets with heart-shaped padlock charms have been a popular choice for since the Victorian period. Anyone with a penchant for period romance is sure to appreciate a gate bracelet for Valentine’s Day.

Heart Padlock
Diamond Gold Bracelet


Brooches are a perfectly versatile piece of jewellery, suitable for every occasion. The recent rise in popularity of brooches means there’s never been a better time to invest in some stunning pieces. The evolution of love heart shaped brooches throughout fashion history makes for some unique and stunning accessories. One favourite romantic style of love heart brooch is the sweetheart brooch. These were popularised towards the end of the Victorian era. Taking on small, stylised versions of military medals, sweetheart brooches are a romantic way of keeping your loved one close to the heart. The snippet of our brooches selection featured here are all fabulous antique pieces, check out the full category for more options.

Sweetheart Brooch
Heart Shaped Brooch Gift
heart Brooches


Love heart jewellery for Valentine’s Day doesn’t get any better than rings. They’re an especially great choice if you’re thinking of proposing. Rings with heart motifs are perfect for those with bright personalities who always know how to lift the mood. Our range of love heart rings is diverse, making it easy to find something perfect for her this year. If you do want to propose on Valentine’s Day – make sure you personalise as much as possible. You don’t want your partner to think you’re just proposing for the cliché. Reassure her with those intimate personal touches that only you know about.

Love Heart Ring
heart shaped ring
Diamond Love Heart Eternity Ring

We wish for your Valentine’s Day to be romantic, idyllic, and as lovely as possible. A bit of love heart jewellery is the perfect touch to getting that perfect day! Good luck!

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