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Love Heart Jewellery for Valentine’s Day

Giving love heart jewellery for Valentine’s Day is as natural as breathing. Love hearts have been related to romance since the mid-13th century. The celebration of Valentine’s Day really took off in the Victorian period, and jewellery featuring the love heart motif became incredibly popular at this time. So, if you’re looking to surprise the love of your life this year, consider the age-old tradition of love heart jewellery for Valentine’s Day.




A necklace is one of the most romantic gifts a woman can receive. The crackling of the fireplace, some chocolates and something bubbly, and the wonderful feeling of having someone closing the clasp of a pendant at the back of your neck – nothing compares! At AC Silver, we are very fortunate to have a great deal of necklaces and pendants that feature the imagery of the love heart. Below are just three such examples, ranging from an antique Victorian locket to a much more contemporary ruby and pearl pendant. Each one unique and each one stunning. Definitely explore our necklaces and pendants category to see what treasures you might find for this Valentine’s Day.



In the same sort of way as necklaces, having someone else locking a bracelet around your wrist is innately romantic. Adding the visual motif of the love heart is icing on the cake! Consider getting your loved one a bracelet if you know she likes having something on her wrist. If she doesn’t frequently wear a bracelet, then perhaps a plainer example would be best. Through this, she can see that you’ve made the effort to get something that either complements her existing jewellery – or alternatively you’ve noticed a gap in her accessories and you’re keen to fill it. Gold chain bracelets with heart shaped lockets have been a popular choice for centuries – you can’t go wrong.


A brooch is fitting for any occasion, and can be used be the recipient year round. Some people wrongly believe that brooches are going out of fashion. However, this couldn’t be less true. This is because the rise of popularity in things like enamel pins and badges have led to an increase in popularity of brooches. Not only are brooches well-suited to adding a decorating touch on the lapel of a coat or jacket, but they also suit a shirt. Wearing a brooch at the close of a shirt is a modernised way of keeping brooches in your wardrobe. The snippet of our brooches selection featured here are all fabulous antique pieces, check out the full category for more options.


Love heart jewellery for Valentine’s Day doesn’t get any better than rings. Whether you want to propose on that splendid day, or you just want to add to your beloved’s jewellery selection, rings are an excellent choice. A ring featuring heart motifs is a wonderful statement of love, and a gemstone that has been shaped into a heart is a truly unique item indeed. We have in our inventory antique Victorian heart-themed rings, vintage rings from the 1970s, and also more contemporary pieces from the 1990s. A tip for if you are hoping to propose this Valentine’s Day – make sure to include something personal to your intended. This will make your proposal stand out from the crowd.

Hopefully your Valentine’s Day will be romantic, fulfilling, and something to remember. In order to make this happen, it couldn’t hurt to have some love heart jewellery for Valentine’s Day handy this year. Good luck!

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