The Best Silver for Her

The Best Silver for Her

Gendered gifts are fast-becoming a thing of the past, and so please feel free to consider the title of this blog to be more conceptual than literal. Perhaps a more accurate title would have been ‘the best silver for feminine people’ since that will be our focus today.

Let’s explore some beautiful feminine silver.


Among all of the various antique gifts you can give, the silver box is among the most versatile. For ultimate femininity, go for an antique silver jewellery box. Both practical gifts and beautiful pieces of decoration, the silver box can be big or small, empty or full, and will always be appreciated by that special someone. Snuff boxes and vesta cases are both types of antique silver box that are highly collectable; you can get the credit of ruining your loved one’s life by getting them addicted to a new collectable item.

The Best Silver for Her


You can fill your silver vase with flowers before handing it over as a gift, or you can serve it up empty, letting the recipient decide how to use it. There are a lot of very pretty options for silver vases, particularly when you explore specific styles like Chinese Export silver or Regency era silver. These types of vases – made in all shapes and sizes – are brilliant decorative pieces for your home that can be worked to suit any room or aesthetic.

Silver Vases

Photograph Frames

Everyone likes to receive a gift that has genuine sentimental meaning. You can combine this idea with silver by presenting a stunning silver photo frame with a treasured photograph placed inside. Add a special touch by writing a personal note for them and keeping it in the frame. Even if they don’t find it for years, it’s a nice secret surprise for them!

Silver for Her


Antique silver pieces like boudoir and mantle clocks are another great choice for gifts for the feminine person. Most antique silver clocks of this kind are fairly small and dainty, often featuring designs and other materials like enamel and mother of pearl. An antique clock – even if it no longer functions – can be a great décor element that makes for a much-loved gift.

Antique Silver and Tortoiseshell Boudoir Clock


This one is a little more obscure than the others, but an antique silver inkstand is an absolutely stunning gift. Inkstands, sometimes called ink galleries or inkwells, are the age-old system of using ink and a quill to write. This is an especially good gift for an aspiring writer or literature lover. It doesn’t have to be used to be a stunning piece of decoration, but maybe trying it out would be a fun exercise for both of you?

Silver Inkwell for Her


This is something of a romantic option, equally suitable for darkness-lovers and light-lovers. Gothic options can be found in heaps when it comes to an antique silver candlestick. It’s the type of practical and beautiful gift that can be used again and again, and the recipient will be reminded of you every time they strike a match to set the mood, whether it’s a romantic atmosphere or a brooding ambiance.

The Best Silver for Her

Claret Jug

Among all antique silver jugs, it has to be said that the claret jug reigns supreme. Useful for cold beverages of all kinds, the claret jugs stand above the rest is all things aesthetic. There are some made with smooth, solid silver – perfect for your favourite minimalist – and there are ones made with cut glass and etching of all kinds. You are well within your rights to have your claret jug empty at all times, letting you use it as a stunning piece of décor rather than anything that requires use and upkeep.

Silver for Her

These are a few starting points for finding the perfect piece of antique silver for people who like a touch of femininity in their life. Whether that’s a her, a he, a they, or something else entirely, beauty is for everyone, and antique silver is no different.

The author’s views are entirely their own and may not always reflect the views of AC Silver.

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