Emeralds for Bridal Jewellery

Emeralds for Bridal Jewellery

When it comes to choosing the perfect bridal jewellery, there’s an array of options available, from classic diamonds to vibrant sapphires and enchanting pearls.

However, there’s one gemstone that has stood the test of time and continues to captivate many brides-to-be… and that is the emerald.

Rich in hue, deep history, and symbolic significance, emeralds have most certainly earned their place as the exquisite choice for bridal jewellery. And here’s why you should consider emeralds for your bridal jewellery:

Timeless Appeal

Emeralds have an allure that has fascinated cultures from across the globe. From ancient Egypt and Rome to the Indian Maharajas and European royalty, the emerald has been adored by some of the most prestigious and influential figures in history. And to this day, the green gem holds a very special place in many hearts.


Beyond their beauty, this gemstone carries significant symbolism. Emeralds are often associated with love, fidelity, and hope- some of the key values to a marriage. By incorporating emerald jewellery into a bridal look, it’s not only a stunning choice but it’s also a profound symbolic token between partners.


The emerald offers an unparalleled versatility when it comes to gemstone design. Whether the bride-to-be prefers a more vintage or antique piece, or a more elaborate and ornate design; emeralds can be crafted to a style that complements any bridal vision. From solitaire rings to intricate necklaces or dazzling earrings, emeralds have an array of diverse designs, making them perfect for any bride’s taste.


Bridal jewellery often revolves around classic, colourless gemstones like diamonds, but by introducing the emerald as a primary gemstone or as an accent stone it allows for brides to incorporate that vibrance and pop of colour into their ensemble. Adding that touch of individuality and personality to the overall look whilst maintaining that sense of bridal sophistication and elegance.

Emerald Jewellery Perfect for Brides

Emerald Bridal Earrings

Whether you opt for hair up or down, emerald earrings are a fabulous way to incorporate vibrance as well as unique shape to your bridal outfit. Emerald earrings come in all shapes and sizes- cluster studs or dangling pear drops; perhaps emerald earrings are the perfect pair for you.

Emeralds for Bridal Jewellery
Emeralds Bridal Jewellery

Emerald Bridal Necklaces

Depending on the style and shape of your outfit’s neckline, an emerald necklace could be the perfect way to compliment your outfit. Whether it be a V-neck, sweetheart neck or halter neck, they can be beautifully accentuated with a necklace. Perhaps a collarette or pendant is your emerald jewellery soulmate.

Emerald Bridal Necklaces
Emerald Bridal Necklace

Emerald Bridal Bracelets

A lot of bridal outfits are short sleeved or even sleeveless, if that’s the case for you, have you considered an emerald bridal bracelet. Whether your taste is bold or more classic, emerald bracelets are stunning jewellery pieces which will elevate your entire bridal look. Whether it be a delicate row of diamonds and emeralds or a bolder bangle, perhaps this is what your bridal look needs.

Emerald Bridal Bracelet
Emerald Bridal Bracelets

Emerald Jewellery Sets

How about an emerald jewellery set? All-matching jewellery on your big day is the epitome of both style and elegance. Not only this, but there is a plethora of wearing options that come with jewellery sets. You could wear all at the same time, you could split some pieces between day and night time, or maybe you could split between another bride or groom. And perhaps they could jazz up this look with a trendy brooch.

Take a look at our jewellery set which is 37.17ct Emerald and 6.55ct diamond crafted 18ct white gold. A magnificent, fine and impressive French antique which consists of an emerald brooch and pair of drop earrings. Not failing to mention that this set has the ability to be converted into a bracelet with stud earrings, not only fabulous but also versatile!

Emerald Jewellery Sets
Emerald Jewellery Set

Emerald jewellery offers an unparalleled allure, making them a timeless and meaningful choice for any bride. Their green hue symbolises renewal and harmony, and their rich history adds a touch of timelessness to any bridal ensemble.

With their versatility in design, emerald jewellery caters to a variety of tastes and preferences, allowing brides to embrace their individuality while maintaining the height of elegance and sophistication.

So, for brides seeking a gemstone that marks your matrimonial journey, the emerald is an extraordinary stone, rich in history and symbolism, what more could you want from bridal jewellery?

Browse our stunning collection of antique and vintage emerald jewellery at AC Silver to complete your bridal look in a timeless fashion.

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