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Silver for Everyday Life

You might think of antique silverware as something reserved for people born in the first half of the 20th century, but it’s time to think again. Not only is silverware a highly-valuable collectable for people all over the work, there are also completely practical pieces of silver for everyday life. Today, we’re going to take …

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Luxury Gifts for Tea Lovers

Tea is beloved across the nation, with some of us taking it very seriously. At AC Silver, we love taking tea seriously, and so we’ve decided to compile a gift guide for anyone shopping for their most beloved tea lover. Look no further for luxury gifts for those who live their lives for that next …


What is Your Silver Teapot Worth?

Silver was once something every respectable middle-class family owned, sometimes in abundance. Today, however, silver seems like less of a necessity for a lot of people, and some of us have been landed with silver as inheritance and simply don’t know what to do with it. If it’s a silver teapot you’ve come across, and …


How to Decorate with a Silver Tea Set

When wondering how to decorate with a silver tea set, it’s a basic question of what you want to do with your tea set. If you use your silver tea set very regularly then you’ll want something practical that can allow you to have easy access to it. If you’re more interested in ideas for …


How to Decorate with Silver Trays

A silver tray is possibly among one of the best pieces of antique silverware to own. Inherently, in the design of a tray, they are immediately practical and useful. Since they have such a diverse range of uses, also, trays are truly must-haves around the home. Lets explore some of our top tips on ‘how …


The Beauty of Silver Teapots

Call me old-fashioned, but I am a firm believer that tea in its truest form has to be served in a teapot. And what could be more beautiful than a silver teapot? That’s right: nothing. Antique or not, silver teapots have something about them that adds to the tea itself, and it’s not just the …

tea in the Georgian era

Tea in the Georgian Era

The routine is familiar to us all- boil the kettle, steep the tea, and add milk and sugar to taste. Tea-making is as natural to us Brits as breathing. In fact, centuries ago writer David Elliston claimed ‘the making of tea is one of the most deep seated British rituals, impervious to change’. It’s hard …

silver for tea drinking

Silver For Tea Drinking

We British are known for being big fans of a good cup of English tea and here at AC Silver we know that silver enriches the taste of food and drink. Originally tea was reserved only for the upper classes in society due to its expense when imported into Europe from China in the late …