A silver tray is possibly among one of the best pieces of antique silverware to own. Inherently, in the design of a tray, they are immediately practical and useful. Since they have such a diverse range of uses, also, trays are truly must-haves around the home.

Lets explore some of our top tips on ‘how to decorate with silver trays’.

Tea Time

Tea time is a crucial time in any British household. Even if you don’t like tea, we can all agree that it is a large component of British culture. A tea tray, or a silver tea set with its own tray, is a great way to utilise the silver tray. Making tea into something a bit more special, as well as making it practical and easier to transport the various tea-making components from one room to another.

This tea set, for example, is a four-piece get-together with a tray along for the ride. It’s always nice if a tea set has a tray included, but if you already have your tea set and are in the market for a tray, you have freedom of choice in terms of design style so shop around.

Silver Tea Tray
Silver Tea Set

Stately Statement

Some trays, such as this Victorian Martin, Hall & Co tray, are ornate beauties that make a statement. One way to decorate with silver trays such as this one is to simply let their true selfs shine. A dining table is the perfect place for a tray such as this to command the space, its ornate designs giving the impression of a stately manor or hall.

Of course, trays such as this can still be used, they don’t have to be statements by being void of other objects. Something simple like a silver vase of flowers or a simple silver bowl can really set the space off, as well as display your silver in a beautiful and practical way.

Sterling Silver Tray
Stately Tray

Coffee-table Camper

If your coffee table sees frequent use, then maybe a tray is the perfect addition. Decorating with a silver tray in the living or sitting room allows you to see a lot more of your tray than you might typically get if you keep it somewhere like the kitchen. Keeping a tray on the coffee table means it can come in handy as a placemat for food and drink, as well as being a place to keep books or magazines to pass the time.

This Art Deco drinks tray has something about it that suggests to me that it could be a very versatile piece of décor. You could even use it for its original purpose on special occasions; serving cocktails in style.

Decorate with TraysImage courtesy of cottonbro on pexels through the pexels license


Going down the wallflower route is one way to see your silver in an entirely new light – literally. Hanging silver trays on the wall shows of the beauty of their unique design as well as reflecting tons of light into your home. You can even fit them to the wall in a way that allows for easy access, should you decide you want to take it down and utilise its original purpose.

This Antique George V galleried tray has some wonderful design elements that make it an excellent candidate for becoming wall art. If you’re looking to get really creative, you could even use several trays of different shapes and sizes and hang them together like a mosaic of beautiful silver.

Silver Tray for Decoration
How to Decorate with Silver Trays

And there we have it. Just a few simple ideas for how to decorate with silver trays. Can you think of any others that we missed? Which one is your favourite idea?

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