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sustainable jewellery

Sustainable Jewellery

In this ever-evolving world, it’s become more and more important for us to be more conscious about how we can make a difference to be more sustainable as consumers. Sustainable jewellery is something that we care a lot about at AC Silver, and today we’re going to go over a few ways that you can …

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Claddagh Rings

Romantic jewellery takes many forms in different cultures around the world. An Irish example of romantic jewellery comes in the form of claddagh rings. These rings typically follow a uniform design wherein a central crowned heart is bordered to either side by two extended hands. When did this ring design come to be? And what does it symbolise? The …

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Jewellery Ideas for 80th Birthday

Someone’s 80th birthday is the best reason to pull out all the stops and gift something really special. What do you give for an 80th birthday? Is jewellery a good birthday gift? We’re here to make the case for antique and vintage jewellery as the perfect 80th birthday present for the woman in your life. …

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What is an Anniversary Ring?

What is an anniversary ring? When should you buy an anniversary ring? What do anniversary rings look like? If any of these questions have ever plagued your mind – or if they’re plaguing your mind just now that you’ve read them – fear not. In today’s blog, we’re diving into all things anniversary ring, giving …

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Jewellery Ideas for 18th Birthday

Is jewellery a good birthday gift? That’s the question we’re really looking to answer today. Your child’s 18th birthday is a big celebration, and it’s understandable that you might struggle with knowing what to get for them. We’re looking at gifts for your daughter’s 18th today, and yes, we will be talking about jewellery ideas. 18th Birthday …

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How to Wear Rings for Men

Wondering how to wear rings as a man? Men’s fashion is often overlooked, but it is every bit as important and relevant as women’s fashion. If you’re interested in branching out in terms of your accessories and don’t know where to start, consider this blog a helpful starting point. For many centuries in Western cultures, …

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Dainty Diamond Cluster Rings

What is a Cluster Ring? Generally speaking, a cluster ring is any ring with a selection of gemstones that are all set close together, in a ‘cluster’ type of formation. Sometimes, however, it is easy to get mixed up between cluster ring settings and other settings like the halo ring. Halo rings are different because they always …

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Jewellery Ideas for 30th Birthday

What do you buy for a 30th birthday? The days of celebrating turning 18 and 21 are long past, but 30 still has a certain significance that seems entirely worth celebrating. Is jewellery a good 30th birthday present? Obviously, we think so. If the birthday boy or girl is your child, parent, sibling, spouse, or …

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What is a Bypass Ring

With so many different engagement ring designs to choose from, it can be difficult to settle on the perfect style for you. From traditional diamond solitaire rings to sparkling eternity rings, there are so many fantastic designs to select from. Today, we’re shining the spotlight on a lesser known, but equally stunning, ring style: the …