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Luxury Wedding Gifts for Brides and Grooms

Whether it’s a bride and a groom, two brides, or two grooms, anywhere from 240,000 to 300,000 people tie the knot every year in the U.K. If you’re anticipating attending some romantic celebrations in the near future, it’s time to consider luxury wedding gifts for brides and grooms. Let’s get straight into it; ladies first. …


Emerald Bridal Jewellery

Bridal jewellery is among the most special jewellery in the world. Emerald bridal jewellery takes the title and pushes it that bit further, adding some luscious greens to the bright, white day that make it truly ethereal. Today, we’re going to check out some of our finest pieces of emerald jewellery suitable for the bride, …


How to Look After Ruby Jewellery

Knowing how to look after ruby jewellery is an essential if you’re fortunate enough to own some of the beautiful gemstones. They are very hard-wearing gemstones, and so maintaining them is a simpler problem than other precious stones such as pearls or opals. To ensure your ruby rings, pendants, and bracelets are at their peak, …


Men’s Jewellery Trends for 2020

Men’s jewellery trends for 2020 are simple: more! It’s time for men to wear more jewellery, and 2020 is the perfect opportunity for accessorising. No man need feel shy about wearing jewellery. For many years males have adorned themselves in precious metals and gemstones. From the Egyptians incorporating not just gold and gems but also …

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5 Essential Pieces of Men’s Jewellery

Men’s jewellery has seen somewhat of a renaissance of late. Numerous celebrities have embraced this recurring trend, from pop stars to princes. And we love it! Although you may be forgiven for thinking men’s jewellery is a relatively recent phenomenon, it has actually been around for centuries. The ancient Egyptians are known for their love …


How to Wear Cufflinks

          Image courtesy of Caleb Oquendo on pexels through the pexels license. Wearing jewellery is inherently human, from a medieval king’s crown to a groovy vintage ruby ring, jewellery is a part of history. Knowing how to wear cufflinks is supposedly a dying art. Recently, a friend of mine was gifted …

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Christmas Jewels to Gift under £2k

Christmas jewels to gift under £2k can be a challenge to find, especially when you want to treat your loved one to something special for the holidays. Here at AC Silver, we’ve been delving into our wonderful collections to find some pieces that would make anybody’s Christmas complete. Gent’s Jewellery We have a bad habit …

how to wear shirt studs
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How to Wear Shirt Studs

You might be wondering what shirt studs actually are. You might also be wondering why your stiff white tuxedo shirts have holes above the button holes. Well, let’s unravel this mystery. Shirt studs are basically an alternative to buttons, most suited to formal wear. They’re usually made of some form of metal, and sometimes feature …

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Luxury Christmas Gifts for Him

One of the hardest parts about the holidays is finding luxury Christmas gifts for him. While the ladies enjoy themselves, we cannot forget the gentlemen. AC Silver stocks many items of men’s jewellery, and the gentlemen in our lives deserve some finery this Christmas. Antique Art Deco Black Onyx and Diamond, Platinum and 18 ct …