The Best Traditional Gents Desk Accessories

The Best Traditional Gents Desk Accessories

Many people are finding they are using, or creating, their home offices more than ever; we’ve seen a rise in working from home which begs the question: is your desk ready? They could be the simplest of things, yet these truly impressive accessories could give your traditional office desk that WOW factor.

1. Inkwells and Inkstands

When I think of an inkstand, it often brings to mind a stunning white feather being flourished as a pen with a pot of ink sat adjacent to you. Just like in Harry Potter, they truly are magical. An inkstand is a stand or tray, whilst an inkwell is a small jar containing the ink where the user can dip their brush, quill or pen. We are now in the age of computers and mobiles; it’s not often one transmits a message using the written word. However our inkwell history tells us that centuries of human communications have been conducted through the use of the quill and inkwell. They could often be used as a centrepiece in their own right with the varied stunning designs available. Not only are they stunning but make your desk very organised as you can store writing instruments and they have secure lids to prevent spillages for travellers.

Silver Inkwell for Him

2. Desk Clock and Desk Calendars

Often when working you can lose track of time, or the day itself. Why not get a stunning desk calendar and clock? A desk clock often looks like a miniature clock and are known to resemble a pocket watch mounted on a box of silver or gold. Desk clocks were made frequently during the latter half of the 1800s. This stunning Edwardian mantel clock is sterling silver gilt, creating a beautiful colouring and shine. The finer details of the design such as the garland motif and the decorative legs are the finishing touches.

Clocks for Gentlemen's Desk

3. Photo Frame

What gets you motivated to sit through work when you’ve got hundreds of emails to get through? The faces of the people you love, your pet or favourite holiday destination may take pride of place on your desk to make you smile. How wonderful and smart would they look in a fine, antique photo frame? Photo frames aren’t a new idea though. Since the Greeks and Egyptians photo frames have been known. The earliest example being crafted from wood. A great thing about antique and vintage photo frames is they can be matched with your interior décor so no matter what your style you will find the perfect frame to hold your memories. Many are decorative pieces in themselves with the variety of styles available. They can come in sets or as travelling compacts to take with you on a trip away without having to pack up your whole desk. They are now common in many houses and a desk is the perfect spot for a photo frame to add warmth to your home office space.

Silver Photograph Frames

4. Paper Weight

Imagine it’s Summer, so you’ve got the window open and suddenly the breeze messes up all those letters, folders, invoices and so on you had neatly piled in order of importance. The paper weight does exactly as advertised – weights the paper down to prevent this kind of inconvenience. They existed early in the 19th century and managed to be both a functional item and a decorative piece due to the unlimited range of potential designs. A paperweight could be anything provided it’s made heavy enough. Traditionally they are made using glass.

This stunning Mappin & Webb Ltd paperweight can also be used as a letter clip. The surface of the clip features a log with a bear whilst the weighted base retains the original leatherette covering on the underside.

Gents Desk Accessories

5. Ashtray

Ashtrays are stunning collectors’ pieces therefore even if you’re not a smoker that doesn’t mean an antique ashtray won’t look good on your desk. It is unclear who invented the ashtray as people have smoked for generations and multiple people will have had the same need for them. However, there is a story that suggests that King Henry V received cigars as a gift from Spain and to contain the ash and stubs, subsequently an ash tray was invented in some form. For non-smokers however, they make excellent storage dishes for things like mints or sweets. Furthermore, they even could be used for stationery like paperclips. These are essentially stunning decorative ornaments if you are or aren’t a smoker. If you’re looking to add a vintage theme to your décor, they are an excellent ornamental option. This ash tray made by Hukin & Heath Ltd is also a table lighter.

Desk Ornaments

Whether you’ve been working from home, at the office or are looking for some excellent antique pieces, these desk accessories will add a stunning vintage element to your workspace as well as being useful and rich in history. Browse the AC Silver website for some more impressive office ornaments as these are just a few.

The author’s views are entirely their own and may not always reflect the views of AC Silver.

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