When You Should Take OFF Your Engagement Ring

When You Should Take OFF Your Engagement Ring

Knowing when you should take off your engagement ring can be difficult to determine. Once you’ve said ‘yes’ to that all important question, you want to wear it forever. De Beers were right when they said diamonds are forever, but that doesn’t mean you should wear your engagement ring all the time. Use our helpful guide for some tips on when might be a good time to leave the ring somewhere safe.

When You Should Take OFF Your Engagement Ring
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Is It Bad Luck to Take Off Your Engagement Ring?

Some believe that taking off your engagement ring is bad luck as it symbolises a lack of commitment to the relationship. However, in reality there is no real evidence to support this, and the superstition is mainly based on outdated opinions. It is not unlucky to leave your engagement ring at home whilst you go to the gym or take it off before you shower – in fact these choices will keep it safer for the long run.

Should You Wear Your Engagement Ring All the Time?

In general, it’s perfectly safe to wear your engagement ring every day. However, should you wear your engagement all day every day? Ideally no. It is your personal choice when to wear your engagement ring, but hopefully reading this blog gives you some tips on when it’s best to keep it safe.

Can You Wear Your Engagement Ring In the Shower or Bath?

Anytime you’re getting your hands wet for a considerable length of time, you should really remove your engagement ring. We’re not saying take it off when it’s showery weather, and not when you’re just washing your hands, but if you’re planning on spending a considerable length of time in water then it’s time to reconsider wearing the ring. Playing it safe is always better than having to live with the regret of damaging or – worse – losing something so special. Whilst diamonds are a very durable gemstone and unlikely to be too affected by water itself, it could be affected by the products you use. If you have plans for a luxurious bath or a shower, exposing the ring to hair and beauty products might cause a cloudy build up on your gemstones and become much harder to clean.

Is It Safe to Wear Your Engagement Ring In the Gym?

Should you take off your ring every time you work out? Not necessarily every time, but if you’re exerting enough effort that you’re going to work up a significant sweat, definitely leave your engagement ring out of it. Your sweat can cause your engagement ring to slip off, and some gemstones – like pearls – can have a negative reaction to sweat, lotions, and other chemicals as they are very soft stones. It’s important to bear these details in mind when picking out an engagement ring also. If you’re lifting weights a pearl engagement ring is probably not for you and consider taking any ring off as hard surfaces can scratch the shank and damage the ring. 

Should You Sleep With Your Engagement Ring On?

When You Should Take OFF Your Engagement Ring

It’s better to avoid wearing your engagement ring to bed. In general, it might feel uncomfortable to wear overnight, especially larger statement pieces. Additionally, the ring could snag on something, damaging both the ring and potentially your bed sheets. You might not realise, but fingers tend to swell whilst you sleep, and wearing your ring might be tight on your circulation and potentially get stuck. It’s best to take your ring off as part of your nightly routine – finding a safe place or jewellery tray to put it in before bed.

Taking care of an engagement ring is something of a lifelong commitment. You’ve committed to the marriage, so it makes sense that you should have to maintain the ring. Sporting your ring for the world to see is a great privilege; make sure you keep that privilege by knowing when you should take off your engagement ring.

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