With so many different engagement ring designs to choose from, it can be difficult to settle on the perfect style for you. From traditional diamond solitaire rings to sparkling eternity rings, there are so many fantastic designs to select from. Today, we’re shining the spotlight on a lesser known, but equally stunning, ring style: the bypass ring.

Diamond Bypass Ring
Gold Bypass Ring
Vintage Bypass Ring

What is a bypass ring?

Similar to cross over rings, bypass rings feature a band that wraps around the finger with the two ends crossing over one another at the front of the design. Instead of joining, the ends cross past one another – the feature that gives this design its name. Other than this distinctive feature, bypass rings can vary in design. Some examples feature gemstones, often diamonds, positioned at each terminal of the band. Alternatively, some feature delicate pave set diamonds and others are crafted as a plain gold bypass ring with a more simplistic design.

What is the symbolism of the bypass ring?

Bypass rings are a great choice if you’re looking for an engagement ring full of meaning. The style is believed to represent the coming together of two souls, making them an excellent choice for a wedding and engagement ring. In contrast to rings that form a full circle, however, this style maintains some separation between the bands (or the gemstones in the case of a diamond bypass ring). This separation is thought to represent the fact that two people have come together but retain their individuality.

Variations of the bypass ring

As we have already mentioned, there are a few different versions of this style. For instance, as well as gold bypass rings and diamond bypass rings, you can also find gorgeous gemstone bypass rings, such as this stunning sapphire and emerald 1950s example.

Antique sapphire Ring
toi et moi vs bypass ring
Toi et Moi Ring

Other variations on this style include “Toi et Moi” rings, such as this diamond and platinum engagement ring. Translating as “you and me” rings, this style shares the powerful symbolism of bypass rings, signifying a union between two people.

Twist ring vs bypass ring
Diamond Twist Ring
Antique Diamond Bypass Ring

Twist rings are also similar to the bypass design, the main difference being that twist rings connect at the front via two gemstones and don’t often feature a gap between the ends of either band. For example, this stunning natural pearl and diamond twist ring, crafted in France circa 1910.

What is a bypass ring
Antique Bypass Ring
Pearl Bypass Ring

Finally, we have the crossover ring which is almost interchangeable with the bypass design. However, as the name suggests, the band or bands within a crossover design fully overlay with one another, as we can see with this contemporary diamond and yellow gold dress ring.

Bypass Ring
Gold Bypass Ring
Diamond Bypass Ring

So, if you’re thinking of opting for a bypass engagement ring, or maybe a glamourous variation on this style, we’ve got you covered here at AC Silver. Discover our complete range of antique and vintage rings today or browse our sparkling selection of diamond engagement rings.

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