5 Jewellery Pieces Everyone Should Own

Top 5 Jewellery Pieces Everyone Should Own

We already know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but surely we all want a few more companions? Every jewellery box glistens with a wide array of items, and the jewellery that we choose largely depends on our personal preferences and styles. However, there are a few essential pieces that everyone should keep pride of place in their jewellery box, no matter their style!

These pieces are timeless and elegant; perfect for a whole variety of occasions or even just to add some sparkle to your every day. No matter who you are, or what other jewellery pieces you love, you should always have your five essentials at the ready.

Here are those fabulous pieces that will simply never go out of fashion…

5 Jewellery Pieces Everyone Should Own

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are one of the most popular jewellery pieces—and for good reason! Forever elegant, yet subtle, these accessories are simply never going to go out of vogue, and therefore they always deserve a place in your jewellery box. Sparkling earrings like the ones pictured can take you from day to night with effortless grace and they’re sure to complement any outfit. What’s more, if you’re on the hunt for jewellery pieces that hold their value, diamonds are always a worthy investment and diamond studs are portable and easy to store.

A Tennis Bracelet

Much like stud earrings, diamond tennis bracelets add a note of elegance to every outfit and they have a rightful place in everyone’s jewellery box. Tennis bracelets, which are traditionally set in silver or white gold and encrusted with diamonds, will not draw too much attention away from the rest of your look, but they are perfect for adding something extra special.

For a more dramatic look, a statement diamond bracelet set in yellow gold is also a great option.

Tennis Bracelet
Gemstone Ring

A Gemstone Ring

Diamond jewellery is timeless and easy to pair with your everyday outfits, but every woman’s jewellery box should also make space for some striking gemstones jewellery. Yes, you may have your statement pieces—encrusted with glittering gems—that you save for truly special occasions, but a simple yet striking gemstone ring should also belong in your jewellery box. Dainty gemstone rings are a fantastic way of completing a look without introducing anything too drastic to your ensemble, find the gemstone that suits you best, and make sure that your jewellery box contains at least one gemstone ring.

A Glamorous Watch

Both practical and captivating, you simply can’t go wrong with an elegant diamond watch. If you choose an antique or designer piece, this will prove to be a valuable investment as well as a beautiful accessory, so they’re a wonderful choice to include in your collection.

Add extra value and glamour with a diamond-encrusted piece such as the one pictured or opt for a timeless designer piece such as a Cartier watch.

Glamorous Watch
Dainty Drop Necklace

A Dainty Drop Necklace

A drop necklace would not be out of place as part of a wedding ensemble, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t also be worn in less formal scenarios. Dress down a drop necklace by pairing it with a V-neck or a halter top and you could wear it any day of the week.

Alternatively, allow the same diamond drop necklace to elegantly complement a classic black cocktail dress and you will be set for any formal occasion. The example given here is one of many from our antique diamond jewellery collection.

Whatever your style, you can’t go wrong with these pieces, or a variation on them if you want to add your unique twist. Find your jewellery box essentials by browsing our extensive range of diamond jewellery and gemstone jewellery. Or, if you want to learn a little more about these items and their rich back stories, head over to our history section.

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