5 Ring Styles Which Hold A Secret Meaning

5 Ring Styles Which Hold A Secret Meaning

When you first put on your engagement ring, you’ll likely fall head over heels in love and be eager to share the sparkle with the world. Engagement rings were made to be displayed! After all, you’ll probably wear this piece of jewellery most days, and it’s the piece that other people will be the most desperate to see (especially when the proposal has just happened!)

We all want an engagement ring that we feel proud of and happy to show off when the moment calls, but there’s also something appealing about having an element of your ring that is private to you and your partner. Luckily, there are many different styles of engagement rings that encapsulate a secret meaning to be shared between you and your other half.

Whether you choose to add a secret, special element to your engagement ring or you opt for a particular style because its symbolic meaning resonates with you and your partner, there are plenty of ways to ensure that your engagement ring is stunning, yet personal.

Read on to discover some of our favourite engagement ring styles which hold a secret, romantic meaning…

Eternity rings

Ok, so it may not be the most carefully veiled meaning, but eternity rings do more than just dazzle the beholder with a full circle of sparkling diamonds – they represent a promise. Eternity engagement rings, also known as infinity rings, symbolise an eternity of love. As well as being presented as engagement rings, eternity and half eternity bands are often gifted at other relationship milestones such as anniversaries.

To make your eternity ring even more special and include yet another secret meaning, you could add an engraving to the inside of the band. for instance, your partner’s initials or the date of your wedding or engagement.

Diamond Eternity Rings
Rings with Secret Meanings

Trilogy rings

Trilogy rings are a popular choice for an engagement. Within the trilogy design, each diamond (or alternative gemstone) represents an important stage of the relationship: the past, the present, and the future.

By presenting your other half with a sparkling trilogy, you’re symbolising how much the relationship has meant to you so far while promising beautiful things in the future. Some brides, such as Megan Markle, take the trilogy style one step further and add eternity-ring style diamonds all around the band. What could be more romantic than this stunning combination, which says “past, present, future, and forever!”

5 Ring Styles Which Hold a Secret Meaning
Secret Meaning Rings

Acrostic rings

If you’re set on incorporating some colourful gemstones into your engagement ring, but you also want to ensure that the piece as a special secret meaning, an acrostic ring is a way to go!

Acrostic jewellery, which originated during the Georgian era, utilises various gemstones to convey a secret message. Within an acrostic ring, the first letter of each gemstone comes together to create a word. For example, the word ‘love’ could be spelt out using Lapis lazuli, Opal, Verdelite, and Emerald; the word ‘dear’ could be spelt using Diamond, Emerald, Amethyst, and Ruby; and the word ‘adore’ could be made from using Amethyst, Diamond, Opal, Ruby, Emerald.

For anyone who enjoys a pop of colour and an element of secrecy, acrostic rings are an excellent choice.

Five stone rings

The meaning behind five stone rings is quite similar to that of the trilogy design, but with five stone rings, we like to get a bit more specific. The classic interpretation of the five stone ring design is that each stone is representative of a key stage in a traditional relationship: friendship, courtship, dating, marriage, and children.

Like trilogy rings, five stone rings beautifully represent the journey that you and your loved one are on together, a journey that you’re both excited to follow into the future.

5 Ring Styles Which Hold a Secret Meaning
Five Stone Ring

Snake rings

If you’re looking for a striking and alternative engagement ring style, a snake ring could be exactly what you’re after! First made popular by Queen Victoria when she received a snake style engagement ring from Prince Albert, snake rings have retained niche popularity over the years, especially for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Similar to eternity rings, snake rings (especially when a snake is swallowing its own tail) symbolise infinity. They may not seem to be the most romantic animal to feature on your engagement ring at first glance, but the secret meaning behind them is touching and powerful.

Snake Ring with Secret Meaning
Snake Ring

So, there you have it, a wonderful variety of ways that you can incorporate a secret and romantic meaning within your engagement ring. Which option do you think is the most romantic?

The author’s views are entirely their own and may not always reflect the views of AC Silver.

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