How to Style Diamond Studs

How to Style Diamond Studs

You’ve finally been gifted a stunning pair of diamond studs. But now you’re stuck facing the hard questions; are diamond studs in style? What’s the best setting for diamond studs? What outfit choices should you aim for or avoid? Diamond stud earrings are essentially the little black dress of the jewellery world, which means we have all the answers to these questions for you today.

Vintage and Antique stud earrings are versatile pieces of jewellery, so let’s see what they can do for you.

Are Diamond Studs In Style?

As we’ve established that diamond studs are akin to a little black dress, hopefully you can appreciate that they never go out of style. Diamond stud earrings have been around since the early half of the 20th century, and throughout that time period, they have been a popular choice for men and women of all walks of life.

From country club regulars to world-renowned rappers, the diamond stud is one category of jewellery that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. So, yes, diamond studs are not only stylish, but timeless, and you will never be steered too far wrong whilst wearing a pair of diamond studs.

Now, let’s get into the best options for the studs themselves.

What Is the Best Setting for Diamond Studs?

The best setting for diamond studs is somewhat dependent on the cut of the gemstone itself. Most often, diamond studs are round-cut, which is best suited for claw settings and collet settings. The claw setting is good because it allows lots of light to enter the stone, meaning your diamonds are as dazzling as can be; the collet setting sits in direct contact with the stone which doesn’t let in as much light but makes up for it by holding the stone very securely.

Oval cut diamond stud earrings are best suited to the claw setting as well, usually with four prongs holding the stone in place. The same applies for square or princess cut diamonds; in this arrangement, the four prongs of the earrings sit at the four corners of the diamond. Sometimes, the settings have accents and features that add to the overall look of the earring. In this example, you can see that the collet style setting adds a level of uniqueness to the pair.

Diamond Stud Earrings

What to Wear with Diamond Studs

The versatility of diamond stud earrings means you can wear basically whatever you want with them. They can be dressed up or down with ease, and even be worn from day to night effortlessly. For the day time, wear your studs with your hair in a casual ponytail, paired with relaxed clothes like a loose jumper and some straight-leg jeans. Your outfit can be as casual as you want; everything above pyjamas or tracksuits benefits from diamond studs (and I certainly wouldn’t be one to judge if you did choose to pair diamonds with pjs).

Your diamond studs will be the perfect compliment to your evening looks, with your hair down or tied loosely back. A smart-casual dress with some heeled shoes and matching accessories is one way to create a cohesive look that your diamond studs will compliment in an understated way.

For something a little more over-the-top, you can include a diamond necklace or a cocktail ring to heighten your outfit to a showier level of style. This kind of look is perfect for a party, being playful and fun whilst packing a punch with the sparkle of the diamonds themselves.

What to Wear with Diamond Studs
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What Not to Wear with Diamond Studs

It’s hard to say what you should avoid wearing with diamond studs – given their adaptability – but there are a few things that it would be best to steer clear from when it comes to the diamond stud.

One thing you should avoid is the choice of a big and bold necklace with some big and bold diamond studs. Large sized diamond studs really deserve their own presence in your outfit, and your look will be overwhelmed if you have an equally large and dramatic necklace on that distracts from the earrings.

Another thing to bear in mind is to ensure you don’t have too many other earrings on if you have sizeable diamond studs. Multiple diamond earrings are a good look, but they have to be on the smaller size, having large and dominant studs in your lobe piercing will look messy if you add more diamond studs in other ear piercings.

Diamond studs deserve to be a part of everyone’s jewellery box, and with this advice in mind, you can boldly head forth and wear your own diamond stud earrings with the confidence that you’re doing everything right.

The author’s views are entirely their own and may not always reflect the views of AC Silver.

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