Modern Takes on Traditional Diamond Brooches

Modern Takes on Traditional Diamond Brooches

When you first think of the brooch what comes to mind? Maybe you’re thinking of the Anglo-Saxon brooches of the dark ages or maybe the go to accessory of royalty? Your opinion of brooches is about to get a whole new perception as we answer all your brooch-related questions for wearing brooches in the modern day.

What Is the Purpose of a Brooch?

Let’s walk before we can run. If you’re just learning about this brooch trend you might be asking ‘what is the point in wearing a brooch?’.  This brief history of brooches might help you get the general idea.

Modern Takes on Traditional Diamond Brooches

Booches have been practical accessories from the dark ages. The brooch was used as a clothes fastener; joining clothes together at the shoulders, waist or collar. This accessory went on to become less practical and more fashionable, with Anglo-Saxon brooch artefacts displaying intricate decoration and embellishment. By the 15th century brooches were a well- known accessory and Victorians started to incorporate more personal and emotional attachments and meanings to their brooches. After Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, died in 1861, she began wearing darker pieces of jewellery to reflect her sorrow, giving rise to mourning jewellery and the mourning brooch.

Traditional Diamond Brooches

Of course, that’s not to say brooches were all gloomy in this time. Using the secret language of flowers, floral brooches allowed Victorians to express themselves in new ways. After the war new shapes and motifs were introduced, giving brooches a new lease of life. Brooches became an elegant fashion statement and it’s popularity continues to rise. The purpose of a brooch is whatever you want it to be really, whether that’s a subtle accessory, fashion statement or form of self-expression!

Why Are Brooches Trending Again?

This is the main question and the big one. From runways to red carpets, the humble brooch is becoming the accessory of the year. It seems this accessory has almost been ‘rediscovered’ for its versatility and wearable with a multitude of outfits and styles. Not to mention the brooch has recently been adorned by both men and women, as an accessory that breaks gender stereotypes.

The brooch is the perfect all-rounder accessory to last. A diamond brooch can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to an outfit without making you feel overdressed or too out there. Its also worth a mention that a brooch requires minimal styling; they are exquisite on their own without the need to overthink wardrobe pairing.

How Do You Wear Brooches in Modern Style?

There are no rules for wearing a brooch. In general, you can wear a brooch on pretty much anything you can pin and secure it to but if you’re looking for inspiration, we have some ideas. Traditionally, a brooch is worn the left lapel of a jacket, but if you want to go a bit creative, mix and match smaller brooches along blazer lapels for a more eye-catching look. This kind of style also works with smaller brooches on the edges of shirt collar!

Alternatively, secure a scarf with a larger piece to make a practical yet fashionable statement. In recent runway shows we’ve even seen fashion designers attach brooches in the middle of dresses and V-neck cut tops to really create the brooch as a focus point of the outfit. As we said, there really are no rules when it comes to brooch styling so have fun experimenting!

Modern brooch wearing
Diamond brooch wearing
wearing diamond brooch

Best Celebrity Brooches

Queen Elizabeth II is by far the most well-known brooch lover. It is believed her choice of brooch is always well-thought out, with hidden meanings and messages. For example, she has been known to wear certain brooches as a special nod to countries and events. In a moving gesture she chose to wear the ‘True Lover’s Knot’ to the wedding of her grandson Prince William sand Kate Middleton; a large diamond embellished bow shaped brooch symbolising the connection between two people in love, really ‘tying the knot’.

Celebrity Brooches
Diamond brooch

Celebrities wearing brooches include no other than musical talents such as Rhianna and Lady Gaga. Rhianna ‘shined bright like a diamond’ with three diamond brooches on her bespoke red jumpsuit to her infamous Super Bowl half-time performance, whilst lady Gaga drew attention for a substantial golden dove attached to a black Schiaparelli dress. Style icon and supermodel Bella Hadid has been spotted opting for a subtler look styling a high neck vest top with a Dior cactus brooch.

Best Male Celebrity Brooches

Male Celebrity Brooches

Diamonds aren’t just girls’ best friends it seems, as male celebrities have found their new accessory obsession in the form of brooches. Timothée Chalamet paired a Prada bomber jacket with a vintage ruby and diamond brooch to attend the 2020 Academy awards ceremony and he’s not the only actor to do so. Brendan Fraser, Michael B Jordan and many more sported diamond and gemstone brooches to the 2023 Oscars, whilst Paul Mescal adorned a vintage cartier brooch on the lapel of his jacket to attended the Baftas. Men (not just celebrities) are discovering the joys of this accessible yet ornate accessory.

In conclusion, we are delighted that this majestic accessory has regained its position as a go-to piece of jewellery. It has stood the test of time since the dark ages, so you know it’s not going anywhere any time soon! Seize the opportunity and browse our collection of antique and vintage brooches to find your perfect brooch and have fun experimenting with different styles.

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