There were far fewer weddings in 2020 than there are in the average year, and we all thought – perhaps a little too optimistically – that they would pour over into the new year, creating a year filled to the brim with romantic celebration. From the vantage point of January 2021, the future for weddings this year appears very uncertain. But, always ones to find the silver lining (see what I did there), we at AC Silver have compiled a few ideas for the perfect luxury wedding gifts.

What is the Best Gift to Give for a Wedding?

When preparing to buy a gift for someone’s wedding, the first question to ask yourself is how you know the newlyweds. If you were somebody else’s plus one, or a distant friend of the married couple, feel free to keep it simple with a nice card and maybe a gift voucher if you’re feeling generous.

If they’re a family member or a close friend, however, then you are well within your rights to splash out on something really special. Consider things you’re certain they like, which colours, scents, and flavours are their favourites? Use this knowledge to inform a personal gift that shows you care. Luxury bouquets in their favourite colours seem like a solid choice, but be aware that – if there were flower arrangements at the wedding – they are likely now all crowding the couple’s house, so perhaps more floral additions aren’t the way to go.

Instead, consider something like food and drink – an easy way to anyone’s heart. A gift basket of their favourite foods is always going to be welcomed with open arms. For something that lasts a little longer, there are plenty of options to consider.

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Food & Drink

Give the newlyweds in your life a gift that can remind them of their special day over and over again for the years to come with some silverware. Using silver drinking vessels and silver plates allows food and drink to have a ‘purer’ flavour, improving the experience immeasurably.

A set of two goblets is arguably the best gift for a newly married couple. It’s a special gift that can be used for special occasions in the future such as birthdays, Christmases, and anniversaries; and it can be used for everything from port to wine to whiskey.

If the new couple you know like to celebrate in style, then silver drinking vessels might be the key to having your luxury wedding gift stand out.

If alcohol does not play a featuring role in your loved one’s marriage, you can still find the perfect beverage-related gift.

A tea set is something that most young couples don’t yet own today, but it might be what changes their weekend morning routines all together.

A silver tea set is a luxury gift that they can use in the days after their wedding, and can serve as a piece of décor to remind them of the occasion when not in use.

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wedding food gifts

Is food the way to your couple’s hearts?

If so, silver dishes such as platters and serving dishes are the best gift for the newly married couple.

Just as the teapots and goblets can be great decoration, a silver dish will also liven up any space, whether it’s the focal point of the coffee table, or hung up on the wall.

In use, a silver dish will remind your friends that you went to the necessary lengths to make them feel like royalty, and that’s sure to be remembered fondly.

What is a Unique Wedding Gift?

Obviously, vintage and antique silver is a unique gift to give for any occasion. If you want something particularly individual, however, AC Silver is also home to some oddities in both silver and antique jewellery. Animal related items is often a good course of action when looking for a unique wedding gift, as the whimsy of animals combined with the luxury of antique goods is a winning recipe.

Small kitchen accessories like salt and pepper shakes, toast racks, and sugar bowls are wonderful ways of incorporating the theme of unique wedding gifts, whilst the use of antique silver ensures that it is still a luxury item.

This Edwardian teddy bear pepperette, for example, is an adorable addition to any household, and is sure to be treasured and remembered fondly by its owners.

luxury wedding gifts

luxury wedding gifts

Watches and, by extension, watch chains are another way to incorporate luxury with uniqueness when it comes to a wedding gift.

Pocket watches are an excellent gift for a newly married man, being dignified and classy in a timeless way – ironically (get it, timeless, watch, ironic…I’m so sorry).

For ladies, there are plenty of cocktail watches among our selection that are each unique and stunning; certainly, the perfect gift for anyone who is embracing being one half of a new whole entity.

There you have it, just a small look at some options for luxury wedding gifts to bear in mind this year. What gift would you most like to receive? What gift sounds like something you’d want to give to someone special this year?

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Bethany Massey

Having graduated university with a BA in English Literature and an MA in Creative Writing Bethany then joined the AC Silver team as a content creator. Bethany spends her days writing content for the AC Silver blog and other luxury goods/antique publications.