What Colour Jewellery Suits Blonde Hair?

What Colour Jewellery Suits Blonde Hair

We all want to look good, and our style is a part of that desire. Knowing what jewellery to wear that will suit you best can help you feel more confident in looking and feeling good. So, what colour jewellery suits blonde hair best?

White Blonde

The term white blonde is used here to describe those kinds of blonde hair that typically come from either a box or some exquisite Scandinavian genes. This is the blonde that is essentially white in colour. And for this blonde, you might want to explore the darker side of gemstones.

Break out the darkest sapphires, the most luscious emeralds, and the blackest that onyx has to offer. The contrast created by such light hair and such dark colours is beautiful to behold, and it will add to the uniqueness of the colour overall.

If you’re sporting short hair in this most frosty of colours, some impressive stud earrings will allow the contrast to be as direct as possible. Longer hair can work well with necklaces, dangling earrings, and rings really well also to create an eye-catching contrast that’s hard to beat. Hair this pale is an edgy choice (if it is a choice) so it’s important to make sure your jewellery matches the effortlessly cool energy that your hair is putting out into the world.

Sapphire Ring for Blond Hair
Jewellery that Suits Blonde Hair
Image courtesy of Jeffery Erhunse on unsplashCC BY CC0 1.0

Golden Blonde

The mid-range tones found in the golden blonde category are the place to explore the lighter side of gemstones. For this, you’ll be looking at aquamarines, with their palest blue colouring. Aquamarine jewellery is usually exceptionally pale, which is the perfect companion for mid-range blonde hair colours.

Another gemstone you want to check out is the pink ruby. When people picture the ruby, by and large they think of a rich red colour, but a lot of rubies are in fact more of a pink shade.

Wearing these almost-too-twee pinks in combination with some blonde locks is the perfect way to highlight the colours found in both your hair and your jewellery.

You can keep it playful by adding a lipstick or eyeshadow shade that compliments the gemstone colour you’ve chosen. For example, a nice pink lipstick in combo with a pink sapphire ring is sure to make your overall outfit cohesive and enjoyable to experience. Having the golden blonde hair colour is basically a free pass to express your inner Elle Woods or Barbie and bring pink to the forefront.

Honey Blonde

Those darker, more colourful blondes that are usually tinged with other colours like browns or reds are the perfect arena for equally rich colouring. Gemstones like emeralds are perfect for this type of hair colour – doubly so if you have green or brown eyes too!

Mossy green eyes, combined with the rich grassy green that can be found in emeralds is the perfect compliment for more earthy-coloured blonde hair. Emphasise the natural elements of the colours involved by wearing some green or brown eyeshadow and you have a complete look on your hands that will make others positively green with envy.

colombian emerald diamond platinum twist ring

A different direction to head in is going for golden gemstones like topaz and citrines. The colours you’re likely to find in this selection are closer to the colour of honey, and they’re perfect for highlighting the lightest sections of your hair. If you really wanted to focus on emphasising the brightest sections of your hair, consider topaz earrings or even hair jewellery. Nothing says ‘look at how much my jewellery suits my hair’ than just putting the jewellery straight in it!

Which Metal Suits Blonde Hair?

Generally speaking, different hair colours and skin tones can help you to dictate which metal colour will suit you the best when it comes to jewellery metals. When you have a cool skin tone and pale blonde hair, the cool-coloured metals like platinum, palladium, white gold, and silver are the best directions to head in for you. This isn’t to say that you cannot wear warmer metals in your jewellery, but cooler colours will definitely suit you more.

As you might expect, the opposite is the case when it comes to warm-toned skin. This skin tone usually accompanies warmer blonde colours like the honey blonde colour we’ve discussed. This skin tone tans easily and has a warmth to it that looks best with warmer jewellery metals such as yellow gold and rose gold. If you’ve got a neutral skin tone that doesn’t lean too heavy in either the warm or the cool direction, then you’re in luck; any metal colour should look great on you!

Earrings for Blondes
Image courtesy of Petra Bauman on pexelsCC BY CC0 1.0

What Colour Earrings Suit Blonde Hair?

Of all types of jewellery, your earrings will be the pieces that contrast with your hair the most. With this in mind, you can pay attention to which gemstones you wear to ensure you get the best look. Contrast is the key word here; try out blue gemstones like sapphires and aquamarines or purple gemstones like amethysts and certain tourmalines to create a bold difference between the earrings and your hair.

If you are interested in gemstones that are similar colours to your hair, you could go for yellow sapphires and yellow diamonds for maximum sparkle, letting the overall glittery nature of the gemstones be the reason they stand out in your luscious tresses.

Darker yellow and golden colours can be found in amber, citrine, topaz, and tourmalines. These gemstones make for cost effective earrings that can add a touch of depth and sparkle to your look when you don’t want something to create a stark contrast.

They say blondes have more fun, and when it comes to jewellery and style, that can certainly be the case. Take your time and have more fun as a blonde by ensuring that your jewellery is the perfect pair for your luscious blonde hair.

The author’s views are entirely their own and may not always reflect the views of AC Silver.

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