The perfect engagement ring for you is out there somewhere, it may even be among our vast vintage and antique engagement ring selections. If you’re not sure where to begin with your search for the right engagement ring, consider beginning with the cut of the gemstone.

The cut is simply the shape of the stone itself, so let’s get to it and have a look at the different cuts you can find for your engagement ring.

The Round Cut Engagement Ring

The round cut is the golden oldie of diamond cuts. From the days where gemstones were cut by hand – rather than with lasers as they are today – the round cut is the most populous among all diamond jewellery. There are some differences in the kinds of round-cut diamonds, however, that largely come with the age of the stone itself.

Antique round diamonds, for example, are often titled Old European round cuts. They have a distinguished shape that leads to more unique antique jewellery pieces, since contemporary diamonds are cut to be ‘perfect’. The imperfections and unique qualities found in Old European diamonds have a charm that can’t be matched.

Types of Engagement Ring Cuts

Marquise Cut Engagement Ring

The Marquise Cut Engagement Ring

Marquise cut diamonds are a very popular choice for anyone who wants their engagement ring to stand out from the crowd. The marquise cut is best described as being a kite-shaped cut, with two elongated point stemming out from a wider centre. Marquise diamonds are great for showing off the internal facets of the stone, since their unique shape allows lots of light into the stone.

Marquise cut diamonds often look best as a solitaire setting – i.e., on their own without accenting stones. If you like the idea of a marquise cluster setting, however, then there are options. Some featuring a plethora of round-cut gemstones in the marquise formation, while others have marquise-cut stones surrounded by accenting stones.

The Square / Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

After round-cut diamonds, square-cut diamonds are among the most common in engagement rings. Although the square cut is different to the asscher cut, both take an overall square shape. The main difference between square and asscher cut diamonds can be found in their internal appearance.

The asscher cut diamond has a very neat and orderly internal appearance, with very symmetrical, orderly lines. The square cut has more ‘disorganised’ facets that allow the stone to appear more organic. Square and asscher cuts are both considered to be very modern and ‘clean’ cuts for engagement rings, likely because they were difficult to manufacture until the very end of the 19th century.

Engagement Ring Cuts

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

The Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

The emerald cut diamond is kind of an elongated asscher cut. Emerald-cut diamonds are rectangular in form, with uniform facets that repeat the same shape over and over. Mesmerising to look into, emerald cut diamonds are popular for those looking for sleek and modern engagement rings.

Whether the emerald-cut diamond is set in a solitaire setting or alongside other diamonds, the intricacies of the emerald-cut gemstone are certain to create a stunning engagement ring. Although they are a more modern cut prone to looking very sleek, there are also antique emerald-cut rings that manage to maintain their sleek cut whilst still looking very antique.

The Cabochon Cut Engagement Ring

The cabochon cut is very unique among the gemstone cuts. Cabochon-cut gemstones have a completely smooth surface, with no visible internal facets at all. The cabochon-cut diamond is a very rare find, while coloured gemstones like emeralds, sapphires, and rubies are much more commonly found in the cabochon cut.

In fact, opal jewellery features almost exclusively cabochon-cut gemstones. Cabochon-cut engagement rings are a great choice for people who want coloured gemstones in their engagement rings. A popular design includes a central, cabochon cut gemstone like a sapphire or a ruby, surrounded by round-cut diamonds. This is a common antique and vintage design and you can find many examples of it in our dress and cocktail ring collection.

Types of Engagement Ring Cuts

Pear Shaped Diamond

The Pear Cut Engagement Ring

The pear cut is another popular choice for people who want more unique engagement rings. As you might expect, the shape of the pear-cut diamond is, well, pear-shaped. Pointed at one end and rounded at the other, pear-cut diamonds have a very contemporary feel to them, since the pear cut has become a popular choice in the last few decades.

Pear-cut diamonds are sleek, versatile, and unique. Engagement rings made with pear-cut diamonds stand-alone very well, but also compliment either a plain wedding band or a pavé diamond band very well too. Whether they’re set in a cluster setting, at a unique angle, or in a basic claw setting, the pear-cut diamond is a good choice for something individualistic.

These are a few good starting points for those beginning the search for the perfect engagement ring. Once you’ve check out these cuts and the styles in which they feature, you can explore more in-depth options to see what type of engagement ring is best for you and your lifestyle. We hope you find your perfect ring with us.

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