Unique sapphire engagement rings are becoming more and more in demand. For the last ten years, sapphire engagement rings and other gemstones like emerald engagement rings have become increasingly popular. Now that they are so popular, people are searching for more unique examples.

At AC Silver, we’re lucky to have a huge range of antique and vintage sapphire rings that could all serve as stunning antique and vintage engagement rings if you’re feeling adventurous.

Geometric Shapes

Utilising geometric shapes in an engagement ring is an easy way of getting something that strays from the norm. The example we’ve chosen to celebrate today is this beautiful vintage and contemporary piece. The central diamond is dated to the 1950s, and the setting is more modern. Despite its date, this sapphire engagement ring would fit right alongside Art Deco jewellery, with sharp shapes that make it look like the epitome of high fashion.

Having sapphires work as an accent to the diamonds present in the ring is a great way of incorporating sapphires whilst still having the ring look like an engagement ring, ultimately leading to timeless engagement rings. The sapphires are calibre cut, which is a rare cut to find in any gemstone, adding to the sheer uniqueness of this ring.

Unique Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Unique Shapes

Geometric shapes are one way of getting a sapphire engagement ring that’s unique, but here are other shapes that also equate to brilliantly unique rings. Another mixed-age piece, the central diamond of this ring is dated to the 1910s, while the rest of the ring is contemporary. The shape of this ring is difficult to define, but perhaps eye-shaped is the most appropriate title. Calibre cut sapphires also feature in this ring, adding an accent that adds flair to this engagement ring.

This central diamond sits at 1.1cts, bright and sparkling at the centre of the ring. This diamond keeps the theme clear; this is an engagement ring. Wearing this on your ring finger indicates that you are engaged, whilst being so unlike any other piece of jewellery you’ve ever seen.

All-Sapphire Rings

A total departure from our previous examples, all-sapphire engagement rings are unique just by virtue of being made up entirely of sapphires. This vintage 1940s piece has a stunning 2.2ct Burmese sapphire as its focal point. Burmese sapphires add another unique element to sapphire engagement rings. This sapphire is certified as originating from Myanmar, which is an outdated name for Burma. A ring of this style is surely among the top sapphire ring designs with yellow gold.

Furthermore, the sapphire shows no sign of heat treatment. Sometimes, sapphires are treated using heat to remove any visible flaws and blemishes in the stone. The fact that this stone has no heat treatment and still has such a rich blue colour with no blemishes makes it exceptionally unique. If you want an engagement ring that’s just sapphires with no diamonds, then it’s best to go for a stone that’s decently sized, that way everybody knows that your stunning sapphire ring is actually an engagement ring.

Unique Sapphire Jewellery

Unique sapphire engagement rings aren’t too hard to find if you look at vintage and antique rings. A larger range of unique designs are more easily found in antique and vintage jewellery, which are also frequently hand-made to last a lifetime. What do you think of our unique sapphire engagement rings?

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