Jewellery Trend: Divorce Rings

Jewellery trend: Divorce Rings

We’ve all heard of engagement rings, but have you ever heard of a divorce ring? We’re here to answer all your questions from ‘what is a divorce ring?’ to ‘how to wear a divorce ring’ and explain the latest empowerment trend!

What Is a Divorce Ring?

A divorce ring can be a replacement for your wedding ring or the repurposing of your rings to create something knew, like Emily Ratajkowski. Whilst some repurpose, others take the opportunity to buy themselves a new ring after the end of the marriage, and can be any shape size or gemstone!

Gemstone rings are popular as they look completely different to typical engagement rings but more traditional trilogy rings are also a go to – symbolising your life’s past, present and future.

Trilogy Divorce Ring

Cocktail rings are also a meaningful choice, as a symbol of feminism form the 1920s era. Women of the 1920s rebelled against society and danced, smoke and drank right alongside the men as independent women. Cocktail rings became the best way to show the world you had your own money and your own independence, and were typically worn on the right hand, making them easier to show off.

gemstone divorce rings


Divorce rings, and divorce jewellery, is about reclaiming your identity! It may seem odd to celebrate a divorce but repurposing or replacing your marital jewellery can be an extremely cathartic process, allowing you to set new intentions for your future and a fresh start.

There is a sense of empowerment when it comes it divorce jewellery – reclaim your gold and diamonds! Repurposing can give your pieces a completely new feel and meaning. Afterall, why should you be stripped of such beautiful jewels that were intended for you?

Celebrity Style

Emily Ratajkowski, fondly known as Emrata, recently debuted her ‘divorce rings’ via a series of Instagram posts. The American model, actress and author split from her ex-husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, in 2022 following reports of infidelity on his behalf but kept the ring. Her large two-stone engagement ring became a viral sensation in 2018 and a Pinterest staple of brides to be, with millions lusting after the distinctive Toi et Moi ring – a large princess-cut diamond and a pear-shaped diamond set together on a gold band.

Emily took to Instagram to show off the work of Alison Chemla, Ratajkowski’s friend and CEO of New York jewellers Alison Lou, who was the mastermind behind the original and now re-designed rings. The once two-stone ring is now a pear shaped solitaire and the princess cut diamond has been paired with two other diamonds to create a unique trilogy ring. Emily told Vogue that “the rings represent my own personal evolution – I don’t think a woman should be stripped of her diamonds just because she’s losing a man” (Allaire, 2024), explaining her new found empowerment in the transformation.

Toi Et Moi Rings

If you loved Emrata’s Toi et Moi ring prior to the split we’ve got you covered. The ring style, meaning ‘you and me’ in French, is often associated with romantic milestones, engagements and anniversaries. Different to a traditional solitaire, the ring bares two stones in a twisted band, symbolising the union of two souls. We love Toi et Moi rings with a gemstone twist that really give a  ‘him and her’ feel like these 1920s emerald and sapphire engagement ring examples. 

Toi et Moi Divorce Ring
Gemstone Toi Et Moi Ring

If you feel inspired by Emily’s pear cut diamond, this vintage 90s 3.80 carat diamond and platinum twist might be for you. Ornamented with two pear cut diamonds, this Toi et Moi ring had the rings placed at the trending east to west setting, making this ring even more unique.

Pear cut Toi Et Moi ring
Pear Cut Diamond Divorce Ring
Diamond East to West Ring

How to Wear Divorce Rings

For many, a divorce ring is worn as a replacement for your wedding ring, on the ring finger of your left hand. However, there really are no rules when it comes to divorce rings and you should wear them however you see fit! Emily sports her two rings on her right hand, one on the ring finger and the other on the pinky finger! It’s unusual to see such a large solitaire in a space usually reserved for signet rings but we can definitely see this trend taking off as the ring really wows!

We hope this blog has given you a greater understanding of the poignant trend that is the divorce ring or inspired you to make an empowering purchase of your own!

The author’s views are entirely their own and may not always reflect the views of AC Silver.

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