Necklace Styles of the 1920s

Necklace Styles of the 1920s

Ah the 1920s… A decade of prosperity and new horizons.

A time of flappers, television and jazz music, as well as F. Scott Fitgerald’s Great Gatsby and Art Deco. This was an era of growth, change and opportunity.

History of 1920s Jewellery

When women earned the right to vote, many young women come into a new sense of empowerment. Excited about the new roaring age, came shorter hair, bigger personalities and bolder fashion.

The roaring 20s seen women being expressive like never before, especially when it came to 1920s jewellery which became a crucial part of women’s wardrobes everywhere. From long strands of pearls and delicate pendants to wide cuffed bracelets and feathered headbands, this decade was filled with bold and beautiful accessories.

Fast-forward to today, 1920s inspired fashion often feature on the catwalks of many renowned designers, from Gucci and Chloe, to Marchesa and Roberto Cavalli, the Roaring Twenties will always be iconic in the world of fashion.

Necklace Styles of the 1920s
National Portrait Gallery, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Necklaces of the Roaring 20s

Jewellery became more and more of a fashion statement that would reflect self rather than the status it once represented. And with that, along came a range of stunning new necklace styles.

Here’s three of our favourites:

Long-Stranded Pearls

The Necklaces of the Roaring 20s

With thanks to designers like Coco Chanel, a long-stranded pearl necklace was the epitome of 1920s jewellery. Necklaces were made to be longer so women could layer their necklaces to keep up with latest fashion trends.

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Pendant Styles of the 1920s

Dangling pendants were a popular choice of women in the 1920s. With a long chain and a pendant attached (often a gemstone), many women were seen wearing and adoring this necklace style.

Bib Necklace

Bib Necklace Styles of the 1920s

Otherwise known as the ‘dog collar necklace’ or the ‘choker’, bib necklaces were the statement piece of the 20s. Women wore chokers to accentuate both their necks and their collarbones. This particular style of necklace was undoubtedly unique to the time with cut stones that took the shape of triangles and squares.

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Jewellery of the Flapper

Flappers were a subculture of young women in the 1920s who wore short hemlines, cut their hair into bobs, danced in jazz clubs and flaunted their sexuality. These women were characterised by their favoured lifestyle of drinking, smoking, unconcern to what others thought, as well as their iconic style.

Type of Necklaces Flappers Wore

In the roaring 1920s, flappers exuded an air of liberation and rebellion, to which their fashion choices reflected this.

One iconic accessory that adorned the necks of many free-spirited women was the statement necklace. Flappers were inspired by the Art Deco movement, characterised by the bold geometric patterns and exquisite craftsmanship, which translated beautifully into their necklace designs like the long-stranded pearl sautoir necklace.

pearl sautoir necklaces

These necklaces embraced the sense of modernity and challenged traditional norms, which allowed flappers to express their independence and embrace a new sense of femininity that would ultimately leave a mark on the world.

So, if you want to embrace the iconic fashion of the 1920s in true flapper style, why not invest in some antique pearls, or maybe a 1920s pendant or perhaps a bib necklace is more your style.  Whatever piece of 1920s jewellery you favour, we are sure to have you covered at AC Silver.

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