Sapphire Lovers: Princess Diana Style Engagement Rings

Princess Diana Style Engagement Rings

Can’t stop thinking about Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring? Neither can we. The timeless 12 carat blue sapphire is hard to get out anyone’s head.

This iconic ring is known for both its historical significance and its unique beauty, given to Lady Diana Spencer (Princess Diana) by Prince Charles (King Charles III) in 1981. The ring featured an impressive 12 carat blue Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds and set in 18 carat white gold created by then-crown jeweller Garrard. It certainly takes your breath away.

The ring design was inspired by Queen Victoria’s sapphire and diamond cluster brooch, a wedding present from Prince Albert in 1840 and its selection was somewhat unusual. The ring was neither custom-made or unique at the time of her engagement, however, many theorise she chose the 12-carat Ceylon sapphire because it reminded her of her mother’s engagement ring.

The Princess Royal was seen to wear her engagement for many years, throughout her marriage to King Charles III and after their public divorce. The sapphire ring was a key element to her public image making constant appearances within the media, making it one of the most recognisable engagement rings ever.

After the late Princess of Wales death in 1997, her ring was then given to son Prince William, who used the 12-carat sapphire to propose to Catherine Middleton in 2010. When giving an interview on November 16, 2010 after the Royal engagement was announced, a reporter commented, “And it’s a family ring.” William replied “It is a family ring yes, it’s my mother’s engagement ring. So, I thought it was quite nice cause, obviously, she’s not going to be around to sharing the fun and excitement of all this, so this is my way of keeping her sort of close to it all.”

40 years on, Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring is recognised as one of the most historically iconic jewellery pieces all time. And continues to captivate people’s hearts to this day. Many brides-to-be are inspired by the beauty and elegance of Princess Diana’s ring, and choose similar designs for their own engagement rings, becoming one of the most sought-after styles of engagement ring.

Princess Diana Style Engagement Rings at AC Silver

With the heavy influence from Princess Diana, sapphire engagement rings are a timeless symbol of love and commitment, and an iconic piece of jewellery for anyone looking for the perfect engagement ring.

Here at AC Silver we are pleased to offer an impressive collection of stunning vintage and antique sapphire engagement rings, all of which are accompanied with an independent gemstone grading report card and/or certificate.

Upon looking at our diverse collection of sapphire engagement rings I stumbled upon some absolutely breathtaking jewellery pieces which resembled a very similar style to the iconic ring of Princess Diana.

Princess Diana Style Engagement Rings
Princess Diana Style Sapphire Engagement Ring

Similar to Princess Diana’s ring, this French vintage sapphire and diamond ring has been crafted in 18 carat white gold.

The pierced decorated, cluster design is ornamented with a central feature 1.84 carat oval cut Burmese sapphire, and similar to the style, is bordered by a total of ten claw set modern brilliant round cut diamonds.

Princess Diana Style Engagement Ring
Princess Diana Style Vintage Engagement Ring

Another ring similar to the style of Princess Diana’s is this fine 6.53 carat Madagascar blue sapphire and 0.88 carat diamond cluster ring, also crafted in 18 carat white gold.

The ring’s decorated setting is ornamented with a feature 6.53 carat Madagascar blue sapphire, four claw set to the centre of the design. The sapphire is encircled by twelve individually claw set antique Old European round cut diamonds and its multi-stranded ring shoulders are each accented with a single Old European round cut diamond and amalgamate to form the stranded shank.

Princess Diana Style Vintage Engagement Ring
Princess Diana Style Diamond and sapphire Engagement Ring

Unlike the iconic 18 carat white gold royal ring, this impressive vintage sapphire and diamond ring has been crafted in platinum.

The pierced decorated setting is ornamented with a stunning feature 6.83ct cushion cut sapphire, four claw set in subtle relief to the centre. The feature sapphire is encircled by eight impressive claw set modern brilliant round cut diamonds and six claw set pear cut diamonds, completing the cluster style design.

Whether you are a fan of Princess Diana, or simply looking for a beautiful engagement ring, this style is sure to be a timeless addition to any collection.

Whatever your sapphire heart desires, here at AC Silver we have an impressive range of antique and vintage sapphire engagement rings for sale. With free and insured global shipping, we want to help you find the perfect royalty inspired engagement ring.

The author’s views are entirely their own and may not always reflect the views of AC Silver.

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