Exploring Nature – Inspired Diamond Brooch Designs

nature diamond brooches

With a long history dating back to the Bronze Age, brooches have maintained a stable presence in European fashion, becoming especially significant in the Victorian period.

In the 19th century, brooches took on multiple meanings and purposes beyond the practicality securing garments in place.

From appearing on catwalks around the world to accessorising the anticipated outfits of the guests at the Met Gala, brooches have certainly taken the today’s fashion world by storm.

And nature-inspired diamond brooch designs are no exception to this.

With modern day consciousness of the earth and its environment, nature-inspired brooches are becoming more and more relevant.

Exploring Nature - Inspired Diamond Brooch Designs
Inspired Diamond Brooch Designs


In addition to conveying the taste and style of its wearer, diamond brooches have often been used to symbolise power and status for centuries. For instance, in the United Kingdom, members of the royal family have worn brooches throughout history. With the late Queen Elizabeth II often famed for her extensive jewellery collection, diamond brooches were one of her signature jewellery pieces. Exquisite taste Ma’am.

Whereas many jewellery designers of both the past and today, inspire their pieces surrounding nature’s foliage and landscapes. For example, Philippe Wolfers, who is one of the most prestigious of the Art Nouveau jewellers in Belgium uses the natural world as his great motivation.

Nature-inspired jewellery is designed to reflect the ever-inspiring monuments of our beloved planet earth.

Floral Brooches

Delicate, feminine, and captivating, floral brooches play a beautiful part to any jewellery collection.

Traditionally, these brooches consist of intricate floral designs, often mounted in an En Tremblant or spray brooch style.

In French, En Tremblant means ‘to tremble’. In the case of the spray brooch, this means that the centre of the floral bouquet is attached to a small spring-like mechanism that allows the brooch to move slightly when worn.

Floral brooches frequently consist of a range of diamonds or coloured gemstones, which are specially crafted to catch the light creating a dazzle which is simply sublime.

A full bouquet of flowers is a popular choice, whether that is crafted using diamonds, or a variety of gemstones to illustrate each individual flower.

nature diamond brooches
Inspired Diamond Brooch Designs

Animal Brooches

Animal and insect brooch designs are also featured in nature-inspired brooches.

Using animals in jewellery designs often enables us to understand the relationship between humans and natures.

A lot of people love animals and many will go out of their way to wear animal jewellery including brooches, for a decorative embellishment as a bold fashion statement.

AC Silver is pleased to include a stunning range of animal and insect designs amongst our diverse vintage and antique brooch collection.

Such fine examples include:

nature diamond brooch
gold nature diamond brooch

This impressive Italian 0.38 carat diamond and 18 carat yellow gold, 18 carat white gold set ‘bee’ brooch; part of our diverse vintage jewellery collections

animal diamond brooch
animal diamond brooches

This impressive antique 0.02 carat ruby and 0.48 carat diamond, 18, 15 and 9 carat white gold ‘West Highland Terrier’ brooch; part of our diverse antique jewellery collections

Antique and vintage diamond brooches are certainly making their own comeback. An accessory so versatile, there are many ways you can wear a nature-inspired brooch, see our blog on how to wear a brooch.

All the fine nature-inspired items you see in our inventory are some of the most unique and magnificent brooches you will find. And come accompanied with an independent gemstone and diamond grading report card and/or certificate in addition to the free, insured, global shipping.

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