For me, bangles lie in that tricky section of jewellery where I want to wear them, but my main experiences of wearing them has been less than great. If you’re anything like me, your lasting memory of wearing bangles is trying them on as a small child and being deeply disappointed when they fall to the floor as soon as you straighten your arm. My tiny hands and wrists that couldn’t support a bangle quickly considered that bridge burned and never looked back to the stiff wrist accoutrements.

Until now.

I only recently realised I am definitely old enough and grown enough to be wearing a full range of jewellery – not just rings and necklaces – and that includes bangles. But then the question arose of how to style a bangle. I’m not convinced that my old method of ‘put everything you can find on at once’ will work today. So then, how are you going to style your bangles?


How to Style a Bangle

One of the most popular styles for jewellery at the minute is keeping things really minimal. If you want inspiration – check out contemporary fashion icons like Kim Kardashian West’s jewellery. Minimalism may not extend to her budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t imitate the looks for yourself. Keep colours muted and simple.

Pleasing nudes and earth tones are a key part of the minimal style, as well as colour blocking. Once, you may have cringed at the idea of an outfit being entirely moss green, but now is not that time. The perfect pair to an outfit like this one is a plain gold bangle or something with pavé set diamonds. Keep it slim, and if it has any decoration, make sure it’s something small, like small stones or minimal engraving. Pair with some simple stud earrings to ensure the light catching on your bangle or gemstone jewellery just adds a lovely shimmer and shine to an otherwise satisfyingly muted outfit.

Large and in Charge

Although we have established that minimalism is in like never before, it’s important to remember that every style has a counter-style. So, just as it’s popular to wear minimal jewellery, there’s also been an uptick of people wearing heaps of jewellery at once. Bangles for those wanting ‘maximalism’ are best either being big and bold, or small and in droves. If you have multiple bangles that are similar in width and colour, now’s the time to wear all of them at once until your wrists jingle like Christmas bells.

Alternatively, a large bangle like a cuff can be the finishing touch to an outfit. A celebrity who embodies this style well is Billie Eilish. There’s most certainly a relation between her sudden fame and the increase in people flaunting the same style as her. And for good reason – Billie has entered the scene with new styles of all kinds, both fashion and musical, and it’s healthy for someone to make a splash every now and then.

Women's Bangles

Statement Pieces

Styles for Bangles

A statement bangle is something that’s more akin to a piece of art than an accessory. Size doesn’t need to factor in a statement piece. It can be slim or thick, but it needs to have something extra. Whether it features large decoration such as turquoise, coral, or intricate beading, or if it’s diamond jewellery galore, a statement piece is something with a wow factor.

When you have a statement piece, the best way to style it is to wear something simple. Feel free to dress it up a little, formalwear is what statements were made for, but ensure your outfit isn’t competing with the bangle for the attention of the eye. Something eye-catching like a statement piece has to stand alone for maximum effect. If you want some celebrity style inspiration for a statement piece, formalwear is the ticket to seeing the results of effective statement jewellery.

Google any red-carpet event and see the outfits of those attending. Obviously, it would be foolish to imply that what people wear on the red carpet is ever simple, but you’ll notice that those wearing statement bangles have perhaps a single-colour outfit on, or something exposing the whole arms, allowing the bangle to dominate that space.

Those are just three options for bangles, but you can certainly find more that might suit your own style better. The best thing to do if you know you want to try something but you’re not sure how to go about it is to find a celebrity who does it in a way you enjoy, and then imitate their style. While cost is often a factor, don’t shy away from DIY-ing something into a bangle. The only limiter is your imagination and your confidence – you’ve got what it takes to make whatever style you want work for you; go for it!

Written by

Bethany Massey

Having graduated university with a BA in English Literature and an MA in Creative Writing Bethany then joined the AC Silver team as a content creator. Bethany spends her days writing content for the AC Silver blog and other luxury goods/antique publications.