Love Blossoms: Everything You Need to Know About Floral Engagement Rings

floral engagement rings

Love receiving flowers? Bottle this feeling by wearing them on your finger forever! Whether you are looking for yourself or shopping for your future fiancé, join us as we discuss everything floral from historical hidden messages to our favourite floral engagement rings.

What Does the Flower Symbolise?

Universally, the flower is often considered to represent nature and its beauty with a distinct delicacy and femininity about it. In the Victorian era flowers were given by suitors and lovers to convey subtle emotions and messages. In a similar way we use emojis to communicate on social media, Victorians used flowers to express themselves in a small gesture. This secret language of flowers is coming back in fashion as people become more fascinated with their meanings.

Victorian messages conveyed through flowers include lavender for devotion, marigolds for protection and of course the rose for love and appreciation. Victorian jewellery, especially during the romantic period denotes this preference to floral decoration.

It is thought that even flower colours had special meanings. Have you ever noticed how it is often white flowers often used at formal events such as weddings or christenings? White flowers symbolise both purity and innocence, in the same way wearing white does. Different flowers are often associated with different months too, in a similar way to birthstone rings. For example, if your partner is born in February purple rules her birth month, with her birthstone being purple amethyst and flower as lavender.

What Is the Meaning of Floral Engagement Ring?

A floral engagement ring is distinctively graceful and delicate, although it may pack quite a sparkle. When we say floral engagement rings, we are typically talking about cluster rings with designs emoting ‘petals’ or delicate halo styles but in some cases some rings can have more distinct floral design elements.

Flowers are a universal symbol of affection. Similar to the Victorians, we use flowers to communicate our emotions in the modern day. Whether we are expressing love, gratitude or sympathy, with flowers we are saying ‘I care’, so why not bottle this feeling and immortalise it in a glistening diamond ring?

Our Favourite Floral Engagement Rings

Quite a few celebrities have also taken the plunge adorned with a floral engagement ring. Katy, Perry, Nikki Reed and Made In Chealsea’s Millie Mackintosh have all been seen to adorn floral engagement rings. Millie Mackintosh flashes a traditional vintage flower halo engagement ring. For a similar classic look try a beautiful cluster or halo combination.

Love Blossoms: Everything You Need to Know About Floral Engagement Rings
Floral Engagement Rings
Diamond Floral Engagement Ring

For something a little different, try this antique diamond twist engagement ring. With floriated design composed of two flower-head design clusters, each flower is ornamented with a central Old European cut diamond before it is encircled with a further seven diamonds. This ring is a perfect example of a floral engagement ring and would be a delight to receive.

Floral Engagement Rings
Floral Twist Engagement Rings

If your bride-to-be would prefer a more colourful or elaborate engagement ring, opt for a diamond cluster with feature gemstone, such as an emerald, a blue sapphire or even a delicious purple sapphire like this vintage French cluster ring. With a stunning central Madagascan purple sapphire, the petal design is created out of thirty-two mixed cut diamonds emanating from the feature stone. If we consider our Victorian colour theory, purple suggests deep admiration, respect and lasting love.

Gemstone Floral Engagement Rings
Floral Gemstone Engagement Rings

Floral-inspired engagement rings are a perfect way to capture everlasting love, boasting a variety of unique designs and assortment of gemstones across periods. It’s no surprise this flower-inspired design has stood the test of time and can be seen as a favourite engagement ring style throughout history. From delicate Victorian designs to bolder 1980’s Princess Diana style engagement rings, we offer a wide range of diamond and gemstone engagement rings that anyone would be overjoyed to receive.

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