Pendant Earrings

Pendant Earrings

Recently, we’ve seen a surge in the popularity of pendant style earrings. It’s coming toward the end of the year but it’s clear that pendant earrings are certainly here to stay.

Pendant Earrings
Diamond Pendant Earrings

Just by looking at these stunning 1920s diamond pendant earrings, I can see why this style is trending so much on social media.

What Is a Pendant Earring?

Essentially, a pendant earring is an earring with something suspended at the bottom. Often, you will see this style of earring ornamented with a hanging gem or object from it, they can also be labelled as a type of drop earring.

This earring style adds both a lively and eye-catching movement whilst simultaneously bringing a sense of elegance and individuality to a jewellery look.

Pendant Earring

Just like a necklace, your ears can be adorned with a pendant, weather that be with a diamond,

The reason why so many people are opting for pendant earrings is down to the way those little pendants can transform the look and feel of a jewellery piece.

Pendant Earrings: The History

The history of earrings dates all the way back to 3000 BC where they originated in Asia. The earliest pair of earrings uncovered by archaeologists were found in the royal burials in Iraq which dates back to around 2500 BC.

When earrings first made their debut, they came in two different forms. First, the basic hoop earring, and second, the more complex style to what we now know as pendant earrings.

Later, global poverty caused a huge decline in the work with precious metals. Despite this, goldsmiths produced patterns that eventually became popular earring style in Greece during the 7 AD.

The most common style worn at the time were pendant earrings. Typically, these earrings depicted imagery of animals or a god, like Nike or Eros. Hence their popularity.

And just like a lot of fashion trends, the popularity of pendant earrings has indeed come full circle to the 21st Century.

Pendant Earrings: The Meaning

Pendant jewellery are so much more than just beautiful accessories; they also carry a deep historical, cultural significance.

From the civilizations of Ancient Greece to the present day, these stunning adornments have served as strong symbols of faith, protection, love and individuality.

In terms of its name, ‘pendant’ originates from the Latin word ‘pendere’ as well as the Old French word ‘pendr’, both of which mean “to hang down”.  

Mix & Match

Pendant earrings can also make an overall look incredibly chic by mixing or matching them with a necklace or bracelet.

Think about pairing your earrings with a matching gemstone or switching it up with a complementing stone. For instance, pendant earrings featuring a Citrine would complement a diamond necklace in the same way it would a citrine bracelet.

With pendant earrings the options are endless.  Explore our stunning range of antique and vintage earrings online at AC Silver to not only connect to the past but to also embark on your journey of elegance and self-expression.

The author’s views are entirely their own and may not always reflect the views of AC Silver.

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