Our Favourite Heart Shaped Necklace Designs

Heart Shaped Necklace Designs

We’ve spotted this classic design trending this year and we have to say we never stopped loving the timeless heart shape.

Iconic and everlasting, the heart-shaped necklace is a true classic. As one of the most sentimental pieces you could gift someone, let’s explore when we knew the heart shape necklace meant true love.

Symbolism and History of the Heart Shape

As I’m sure we all know, the heart shape is often used to represent affection and love, especially in a romantic sense. Although anatomically inaccurate, the iconic shape can be traced back as far as the 510-490 BC, with the oldest-known heart-shape embedded on an ancient roman coin.  The heart shape stamped on the coin depicts the silphium seed pod, a now extinct type of giant fennel that was once associated with fertility.

In the 1200s, the symbolism of the heart became more closely linked to romance. The French manuscript ‘Romance of the Pear’ is known to be the first illustration of a heart outside of anatomical or medical literature and as an early depiction of the heart as a symbol of love. The 13th century story is believed to be the source of the idea that someone can ‘give’ their heart to someone.

Since this time, the heart has developed to become closely linked to affection and devotion.  In 1977, the ‘I <3 NY’ logo was created by Milton Glaser, and the heart shape was instantly recognisable as the verb ‘love’ that could connect everyone and everywhere.

When to Gift Heart Shaped Jewellery

As one of the most sentimental pieces you could gift someone, there is no better way to say ‘I love you’ on an occasion like Valentines Day or an anniversary than with a fine heart-shaped necklace. Beautifully crafted diamond and gemstone heart shaped pendants make stunning antique gifts and are a joy to wear.

Alternatively, the heart shape is a great universal gift that can be gifted and worn throughout the year and for any occasion. Celebrate accomplishments by gifting jewellery at Graduation, with a sentimental piece they will treasure for years or thank mum on Mother’s Day with a gorgeous locket containing a family photo, letting her keep you close at all times.

There is of course a luxurious form of self-love. If you’re a Sex and the City fan, feel empowered by gifting yourself a stunning heart shaped necklace à la Carre Bradshaw, who has styled heart shaped necklaces for years. In her new venture And Just Like That, Carrie wears a large yellow gold and diamond heart pendant, which is believed to celebrate all love but more significantly self-love. Gift yourself a stunning heart shaped necklace just because your own heart desires it.

A diamond heart pendant is an elegant and timeless design that anyone would be joyful to receive as a gift.  The pierced decorated heart-shape frames ornamented with diamonds are timeless and elegant choices, whilst something more stylized like this scrolling 1980s design might be more your style.

Our Favourite Heart Shaped Necklace Designs

Gemstone Heart Pendants

If you’re looking for something a little less diamond and a bit more colourful, don’t worry – we have plenty more heart shapes you will love.

An eye-catching warm toned red, pink or purple heart pendant might be just what you’re looking for. Closer to the traditional red hues of the classic heart shape, rubies are excellent choices for heart shaped pendants. Representing love and good fortune, this red or pink hued gemstone is perfect choice for a romantic gesture, and an even better choice for a 40th anniversary.

A deep purple amethyst is magnificent and striking on any wearer. As February’s birthstone, amethysts are perfect as birthday present or equally a Valentine’s Day gift. The gemstone is believed to hold a fire and passion within, which might make the perfect romantic gift to someone special.

A cooler toned heart is thought to symbolize compassion, peace and loyalty. One of the most famous blue heart pendants is the fictional ‘Heart of the Ocean’, famously featured in the 1997 Titanic. Although fictional, the concept is hugely popular, representing an iconic love story.

Different types of Heart Necklaces and Pendant Styles

Heart Shaped Lockets

Heart Shaped Lockets

Heart shaped lockets are ideal for birthdays and sentimental occasions. The iconic shaped locket has been increasingly popular since the Victorian era. During this era, lockets often contained a lock of hair, a portrait or even a love letter, with the appeal of the locket being that it allows the wearer to keep a loved one close to their hearts at all times. Victorian lockets often incorporated glass so images of loved ones could be seen at all time.

Lockets can be gifted with images inside as a subtle reminder Antique and vintage heart-shaped lockets are perfect to gift as a rare and unique sentimental piece that can be treasured for generations. Gift someone a locket with an image inside to commemorate an occasion, friendship or relationship in a subtle and elegant way.

Diamond Heart Necklaces

Diamond Heart Necklaces
Diamond Heart Necklace

There is nothing more impressive than a heart shaped necklace or pendant set with exceptional diamonds. Already a symbol of love, the diamonds add an element of true commitment, representing a strong bond in a timeless design.

As one of the most hardwearing materials in the world, the diamond is an ideal item to be worn every day. The clear, white colour of a diamond compliments all skin tones and colours and is flattering to all clothing and hair colours, as well as other jewellery.

Open Heart Pendants

Open heart jewellery is the name given to jewellery that features a heart motif, but where only the outline of the heart is represented. This style is thought to be a talisman of good luck, with the openness allowing it to fill with good luck. However, it doesn’t have to be romantic. Another interpretation is the sense of something missing, making it work as an excellent gift for a long-distance relationship between lovers, friends or family.

Gemstone Open Heart Pendant
Open Heart Pendant
Open Heart Pendants

As a timeless design, the heart shaped necklace can be seen in so many different styles there is bound to be one perfect for you. 

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