How to Wear Bangles

How to Wear Bangles

Bangles are an accessory that can be hard to figure out. They’re gorgeous and bold when they’re styled right, but overwhelming and distracting when styled wrong. Today, we’re going over the best ways to style bangles to ensure you avoid the drab and embrace the fab.

Contrast is Key

Often, the biggest bangles can be the hardest to know what to do with. Try wearing your oversized bangle with a relatively simple outfit to create the most dramatic and enjoyable contrast. A bold bangle can set a plain outfit off with the perfect flourish. Keep your outfit to one or two colours to avoid looking too ‘busy’. It’s also best to wear one or two bangles but otherwise keep your jewellery minimal.

Check out how these dramatic bangles pop against the plain black of the top. Black is a great base colour to wear if you want your statement jewellery pieces to stand out. Equally, white, cream, or beige work well if you prefer lighter colours.

Contrast when wearing bangles
how to wear bangles

Minimalistic Beauty

People sometimes shy away from minimalism, worrying that they’ll look plain. With smart planning, however, your jewellery can be minimal while having maximum impact. For fine jewellery, diamond accents are a popular choice. Diamond bangles usually split between having a small number of diamonds, or being completely coated in diamonds. Both styles manage to look restrained and minimal despite the level of diamond bling.

The great thing about styling minimally is that your accessories can compliment a huge range of outfits. With either of these bangles, adding jewellery pieces like a watch or multiple rings elevates your accessories to look anything but bland. See how these bangles are each styled to look chic, rather than plain.

diamond bangles
how to style gold bangles

Stacking Style

Bangles are the perfect jewellery piece for stacking. If you need any inspiration with this, check out Indian bracelet fashion. The word bangle itself comes from the Hindi word ‘bungri’, meaning glass; traditional Indian bangles were originally made from glass. Wearing bangles is a crucial part of most Indian weddings. Often, these bangles are also made from glass, creating the distinctive jingling sound associated with the jewellery. The bangles are a symbol of the bride’s love for her husband, as well as an indicator of her hopes for a successful married life.

Stacking your bangles is a romantic concept that takes inspiration from the beautiful Indian tradition. If you have a plethora of thin, jingling bangles, they are entirely made for stacking. Check out how we’ve combined some different shapes and gemstones to stack these fine jewellery bangles.

stacked bangles
stacking gemstone bangles

Colour Pop

A lot of bangles display a prominent colour that could be the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. Choose an accent colour for your outfit that can pop against the base colour of your clothes. Accent colours are best used for shoes, bags, nail polish, lipstick, and jewellery. Try to make roughly 20-30% of your outfit’s smaller pieces the same colour to look well-accessorised and chic. As far as bangles go, this means finding items that can bring this colour element into your outfit. The best bangles for this only feature one colour of one prominent gemstone that incorporates the colour.

Check out these bangles that make a statement with their colourful gemstones. Matching your nail polish to the gemstone colour creates consistency in your outfit that looks neat and stylish.

amethyst bangle and ring set
turquoise bangle and ring set

Mixing and Matching

It’s tempting to lean one way or the other when it comes to the shape and size of the bangles you wear. There is something to be said about combining them, however. It’s easy for this to look messy and unfashionable, so there are some basic rules to follow. Maintaining the same metal colour and key colours across the different bangles creates the consistency you need to look well-put-together. It’s also important to keep your outfit relatively simple, letting the accessories speak for themselves.

Note how these bangles all share yellow gold bands and diamond focal points. The different shapes in the bangles allow them all to have distinctive features. Equally, the opal accents on one of the bangles stands out as a feature element.

how to wear gold bangles
how to wear pearl bangles
wearing diamond bangles

Bangles are fun and bold jewellery pieces that can look great in a huge range of styles. Feeling confident in the way you wear your jewellery is the ultimate key to looking great and expressing your unique personality. Which type of bangle would you most like to wear?

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