The mid-century point in life, the big 5-0, is the ideal opportunity for some serious jewellery hardware. What is the traditional gift for the 50th birthday? Well, there isn’t one, which is why we recommend a healthy serving of jewellery. Whenever the question of ‘what do you get a woman for her 50th’ comes up, we will always advertise our antique and vintage jewellery collections.

Is jewellery a good birthday gift? Of course! So, what jewellery should you get for someone on their 50th?

Rings for 50th Birthday

Giving a ring as a gift can mean a lot of things for someone’s fiftieth birthday. If she’s your wife, you can go for something with a generous number of diamonds. Eternity rings are perfect for celebrating a big birthday; a full circle of diamonds around her finger to remind her that she’s the world to you. Equally, a standalone diamond ring with a corker of a central stone is another great way of saying ‘I love you’.

If you’re not buying for your wife, but instead perhaps your mother, sister, or best friend, maybe diamonds are too romantic a gift. You can use her birthstone as a guide, or even her favourite colour. If you’ve noticed a theme in her jewellery, like yellow gold, or aquamarines, then use that to your advantage to plan what type of ring you should get for her.

A big style at the moment is signet rings for women. If she’s a fashionable woman who’s always looking for the next trend, maybe get her a solid yellow gold signet ring. We are lucky enough to have a range of antique and vintage examples that would be perfect for anyone wanting something a little different.

Jewellery Ideas for 50th Birthday
Birthday Jewellery Gifts
50th Jewellery Gift Ideas

Gemstone Bracelets for 50th Birthday

Precious gemstones are the ingredient that any bracelet can use to become a memorable and wonderful gift. Think about the styles that the birthday girl likes and find pieces in our collection that match up well. Victorian jewellery is a great style for women who like things with that antique aesthetic.

A popular gemstone in the Victorian era was the opal. Maybe opal bracelets and bangles will be the perfect gift for her. Jewellery that dates to the Victorian period has that prestige to it that’s unbeatable, a sense of heritage that modern jewellery can’t beat. A lot of the settings around gemstones in antique pieces of jewellery like bracelets are ornate and have more of a presence that you see less often in modern jewellery.

Another direction to head in is the more typically ‘chic’ Art Deco jewellery bracelet. Ranging from the 1920s to the 1940s, Art Deco jewellery encompasses all that is symmetrical and stylish. You can see from the bracelets in our Art Deco section that a lot of simple shapes are built up together to make complex and intricate designs.

Jewellery Ideas for 50th Birthday
Birthday Jewellery Gifts
50th Birthday Bracelet

Earrings for 50th Birthday

We are lucky enough to boast a huge range of earrings in our antique and vintage jewellery collections. Diamond earrings are always a great choice, whether they’re studs or drop earrings. There are also diamond cluster earrings with multiple diamonds set together that look stunning. If the birthday girl doesn’t like to have weighty earrings in, a lot of ours are clip-ons, making them perfect for anyone who likes to mix it up between clip-ons and the real thing.

As far as suitable gemstones go in earrings that are good 50th birthday presents, pearls are always an elegant way to go. Pearl studs are reminiscent of a bygone era, something of an Agatha Christie look that’s sure to turn heads. Another classic gemstone you can make good use of is the diamond. Even small and subtle diamond studs are a great accent piece that should be in everyone’s jewellery box.

Earrings are a gift that anyone can give without crossing any lines, making them quite a universal present. You’re never going to upset someone by giving them a pair of earrings.

50th Gift Ideas
Jewellery Ideas for 50th Birthday
Jewellery for Birthdays

These are just a few jewellery ideas for a 50th birthday present, but you can go a lot of different directions with 50th birthday presents. If there’s any chance that jewellery doesn’t do it for your special someone this year, maybe some of our silver would be a better choice for you?

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