Top Sapphire Jewellery Sets

Top Sapphire Jewellery Sets

Jewellery sets are great gifts for any person in your life. Wives, husbands, sons and daughters can all appreciate the beauty of a set of jewellery. Whether it’s earrings and a necklace or earrings and a brooch; there are no wrong choices here.

earring and brooch sapphire jewellery set

Modern Sapphire Jewellery Sets

If the person you want to treat (even if it’s yourself) prefers modern jewellery, a modern sapphire ring and necklace set is ideal. When going for modern jewellery sets, you don’t need to necessarily buy brand new from a high-street jeweller; you can buy vintage or even antique if it matches the style you’re trying to achieve. Art Deco jewellery, for example, is now approaching 100 years in age, but its styles and designs reflect the modern aesthetics.

Top Sapphire Jewellery Sets
sapphire ring jewellery set

Go for modern cuts for your sapphires such as pear cuts, emerald cuts, or marquise cuts. Accenting diamonds are always welcome, bringing some sparkle to the affair. When it comes to your choice of metals, the modern style looks best with cool-toned metals like white gold and platinum. The main difference between white gold and platinum when it comes to your jewellery is their strength. Yes, you pay more for platinum, but that’s because it holds your gemstones more sturdily in place.

Regal Sapphire Jewellery Sets

Royal-watches will already know of this, but for anyone who doesn’t know, Princess Diana was gifted a sapphire and diamond necklace on the occasion of her wedding that had been specifically designed to match the sapphire engagement ring she had received from Prince Charles. Although her vintage sapphire ring had a typically vintage style: an oval sapphire set with a halo of diamonds on a yellow gold shank, there are other ways of getting a regal look in your jewellery set.

Yellow gold is definitely the way to go, since it has a longer history than pale metals. Try something ornate, with lots of setting metal. Victorian jewellery is perfect for that ‘monarch’ look, since the metal is usually designed to be decorative as well as functional, featuring curling arches and floral aspects. Size is a very subjective thing when it comes to jewellery, with some preferring large gemstones and others finding smaller ones to be more elegant. The regal aesthetic is perfect for those who like to live large with their gemstones.

Romantic Sapphire Jewellery Sets

If the love of your life loves sapphires – perhaps their engagement ring is a sapphire – then there is a very romantic route available here. Creating your own custom jewellery set can be achieved if you buy – or commission – a necklace to match the engagement ring your other half already has. A surprise present like this can be a stunning gift on your wedding day. Presenting your betrothed with a necklace that matches their sapphire engagement ring shows them how committed you are to keeping romance and spontaneity going throughout the relationship.

sapphire and diamond necklace
sapphire trilogy ring

Of course, another way to go in order to present a truly romantic sapphire ring and necklace set is to buy the set as your engagement gift. Propose with the sapphire ring, and once the ‘yes’ is received, pull out the necklace as well as a double-whammy of romance. There is another secret benefit to this double-gifting proposal method, and that is that – on the off-chance the engagement ring you bought doesn’t fit – your bride-to-be still has a memento of your proposal to wear until the ring is resized. Win-win!

Unique Sapphire Jewellery Sets

Not everyone can be neatly organised into the categories of liking the types of jewellery mentioned above, which is where the truly unique pieces come into play. If you know that the recipient of this gift will appreciate something that stands out for the crowd, then it’s worth putting in the effort to find something different that will match their personality.

Perhaps they like ethereal, elven jewellery, like that of the Evenstar in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Search for Art Nouveau jewellery styles, with lots of gentle slopes and curves in the design of the metal, perhaps asymmetrical designs also. More unusual cuts for your gemstones are another way of getting something going that more unique jewellery-lovers will appreciate. Consider cabochon cuts – where there are no angular facets present on the stone – or octagonal cuts can add a unique dimension to a sapphire jewellery set.

sapphire earring and necklace set

Ultimately, you can’t go too far wrong when picking sapphire ring and necklace sets. If you don’t have a matching set, not to worry, create your own with other pieces of sapphire jewellery. As we said at the start, anyone would be happy to receive such a gift, and they can be familial, romantic, or platonic. A versatile gift set, they suit any occasion and come in every style imaginable. Which style is your favourite?

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