Say Yes to A Green Engagement Ring

Say Yes to A Green Engagement Ring

Do you know which gemstones are green? With the colour having strong ties to nature, green gemstones provide endless possibilities… Let’s take a look at some gorgeous green gems that make the perfect engagement ring choice.

Some popular green gemstone types to consider include:


Vivid in saturation, emeralds come in blue-green to pure green colours. The most sought-after prized emeralds are high in transparency. However, emeralds are slightly softer than diamonds, so it’s essential to choose a setting that protects the gem and consider regular maintenance.

Say Yes to A Green Engagement Ring
Say Yes to A Green Emerald Engagement Ring

Green Tourmaline

From blue-green to olive and dark-bottle green, green tourmalines range in colour. This type of green gemstone is indeed both considered rare and sought-after.  Green tourmaline engagement rings can showcase a beautiful and lively gemstone, often with a good level of hardness.

green engagement rings tourmaline
Green Tourmaline Engagement Ring

Green Sapphire

Green sapphires can be a beautiful and durable option for an engagement ring. Typically, green sapphires are low in saturation and are often deemed as olive or khaki-green in colour. It is very rare for a green sapphire to be vividly high in saturation.


Jade has been treasured for thousands of years in various cultures and can be used in engagement rings for a unique and symbolic choice. Nephrite jade gemstones come in a variation of different shades of green, from grey-green to yellow-green.

green engagement rings jade
Green Jade engagement ring


Both the colour and transparency of a chrysoprase gemstone ranges from apple green and olive green to nearly opaque and transparent. Not a hugely popular choice among the masses but who states you need to follow the crowd with your choice.


The peridot gemstone has a variety in colour range with pure green, yellow-green and green-yellow. With the green gem’s colour being at their finest state when weighing 10-carats or above. While it may not be as commonly used in engagement rings as other gemstones, it can make for a refreshing and affordable choice.

green engagement rings peridot

What Is the Most Popular Green Gemstone?

Out of all the earthy gems, the emerald is by far the most popular.

From 20th century Hollywood film stars to ‘posh’ members of the Spice Girls, the love of emeralds has always been on our radar. Among others, Elizabeth Taylor was famed for her impressive collection of emerald jewellery which is worth nearly GBP £100.00 million.

History of the Emerald

For centuries, this green gemstone has been revered. In ancient India, the emerald was once referred to as “marakata”, translating as “the green growth.”

The history of the emerald can be traced back to the ancient markets of Europe and Asia where this breath-taking stone was traded around 6000 years ago. Prized by many ancient cultures, the emerald is rich in both beauty and symbolism.

Legends even said that wearing a piece of emerald jewellery would allow you to see into the future. With some cultures believing that placing the green gemstone under the tongue was the best way to achieve clairvoyant powers.

From this point onwards, the gemstone was favoured by European royal families and the elite featuring on many sets of jewels. Including Queen Victoria’s snake-shaped engagement ring, given to her by Prince Albert and Jackie Kennedy’s Van-Cleef & Arpel’s open halo engagement ring given to her by former US president John F. Kennedy.

Symbolism of The Emerald

Emeralds, often associated with vitality and powers of rejuvenation, are a wonderful fit if you’re looking for a green gemstone ring, as they embody the ideas of new beginnings.  

Throughout history, societies have long shared the belief that emeralds embody the power to cure diseases. Believed to bring the wearer protection, Emeralds are said to provide wellness and good fortune in all walks of life.

Because of the emerald’s calming and encouraging symbolism, a piece of emerald jewellery would be a fantastic gift for anyone who setting off on a new adventure.

Did somebody say emerald engagement ring?

Just like the possibilities, our collection of green engagement rings is endless.

Associated with the nature and the earth, green gemstones symbolise ambition, growth and ambition.

Whether you’re lucky enough to call an exquisite emerald your birthstone or you’re just mesmerized by its earthy beauty, perhaps a green gemstone is for you.

Here at AC Silver, we offer an impressive range of green gemstone engagement rings.

The author’s views are entirely their own and may not always reflect the views of AC Silver.

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