Personalised Wedding Gifts for Couples

Antique Personalised Wedding Gifts for Couples

When two people you love are coming together to get married, you want to make sure they both know how much you love and support them and their union. In this blog, we’re covering the best personalised wedding gifts for couples so that you can do just that.


Buying jewellery is a safe way to ensure that the married couple are feeling special and loved. It’s also a versatile option that suits same-sex couples just as well as hetero partnerships. When it comes to personalisation, there are two main options.

Personalised Wedding Gifts for Couples
antique locket gift
diamond earrings

The first is that you buy jewellery featuring the recipient’s birthstone. This way, they know you went the extra mile and really thought about them when you were searching for the perfect gift. The second option is to go for an engraving; think of the romance of an antique locket with the couple’s initials engraved on the back. That’s the type of gift that gets passed down through the generations.


What’s good about drinkware-related gifts is that they can be bought for any kind of couple. Do they like to stay in on a night reading together? Personalised mugs with their special date are a great choice for them.

antique drinkware
antique goblet set
antique silver cocktail shaker

Are they more into some whiskey when they want to unwind? Etched glass tumblers are the type of gift they’ll enjoy when they want to celebrate their union together, and you can opt for a range of personalisations from their names, their initials, the date they got married, or any other special date to them. If they love to host, maybe more communal barware pieces like a decanter or a cocktail shaker.


Giving a gift for the couple’s bedroom is a good way to work in personalisation. There are a lot of options such as buying a throw for the bed. Online retailers and independent sellers both offer personalisation services where you can have the bride and groom’s names, wedding dates, and any other details embroidered onto the throw for that special touch.

antique bedroom jewellery box
silver photo frame
vintage silver candlesticks

Another direction to consider for the bedroom is a personalised photo frame. Wedding days are known for being an occasion where everyone is taking a lot of pictures, so gifting a photo frame with the date of the big day on it allows your friend to always have the memories close at hand.


Custom scents sound like a very luxurious gift, but they don’t have to be that way. Rather than trying to craft an entirely unique fragrance, find smells that you know your friends like – or ones that make you think of them – and work from there. Candles, oil burners, and reed diffusers are all good wedding gifts, and customising them is as easy as having a custom label or engraved initials.

Large 19th Century Vinaigrette and Scent Bottle
Antique Glass Perfume Bottles
Gold and Diamond Scent Bottle

This is the type of gift that has the capacity to keep on giving, lasting for many hours and even years when it comes to diffusers and burners. You can return to this idea by giving your friends some new oils or wax melts for their birthdays and Christmases.


Accessories for the kitchen are basically always appreciated. Gifts that can seem traditional or classic are perfect for this; rolling pins with the couple’s names engraved, serving slates that feature their wedding date, and chopping boards with whatever level of personalisation you want.

Boxed Silver Fish Servers
Edwardian Silver Gallery Tray
20th Century Silver Knife Rests

Serving pieces are the best kinds of personalised kitchenware to give for a wedding gift as they are most likely to be seen by guests and family, meaning you can check in on your gift every time you visit the newlyweds.


Wedding favours are of course the gifts that you receive as a thank you for taking the time to attend the wedding in the first place. But, taking this idea of a memento of the day and turning that into a gift in and of itself is a clever way to give it back to your newly married friends.

Personalised leather goods like keychains, wallets, trinket trays and more manage to balance practicality with beauty. Giving your friends a small token like this keeps you close to them, with these kinds of items being used on a daily basis. This gift is great for close friends and family members for exactly this reason.

Wall Art

There is no end to the possibilities when it comes to personalised wall art for wedding gifts. You can commission portraits of the happy couple in basically any style, meaning all tastes are accounted for; you don’t even have to get the couple themselves. Pet portraits are fast-becoming one of the most popular customisable art forms going.

There’s also the unique idea of getting the wedding venue itself painted as a wedding gift, keeping the memory of the special day fresh in the couple’s mind for years and years to come.

Whichever direction you choose when it comes to showing your friends you love them, leading with your heart will get you where you there. Which personalised wedding gift idea do you like the most? Are there any we haven’t thought of that you’d like to see included?

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